Skopje Airport welcomes two-millionth passenger


Skopje Airport yesterday handled its two-millionth passenger in 2018, marking the first time it has managed to achieve such a milestone in a single year. The traveller arrived on a Qatar Airways flight from Doha. The General Manager of TAV Macedonia, which manages the country's two international airports, Alper Ersoy, said, "I congratulate our two-millionth passenger and wish her an unforgettable journey to Doha, for which we have created a special travel package with our partners – Qatar Airways, and our sister companies – BTA, ATU and TAV MOS. At the same time, I would like to say thank you to all passengers who have chosen Skopje Airport for their business and leisure travels". He added, "Reaching two million passengers in one year is an impressive achievement for all of us, and on behalf of our company, I would like to address our gratitude to all industry stakeholders, such as the Ministry of Transport and Communications, CAA, M-NAV, the Ministry of Interior, customs, airlines and tour-operators, for their cooperation in order to celebrate yet another milestone. I would like to also use this perfect occasion to say thank you to our staff for their commitment to always provide the best possible services to our guests, to keep customer satisfaction levels at the highest level, and to encourage them to continue with their good job to work towards our goal of once again becoming the best airport in Europe".

Skopje Airport handled 684.905 passengers in 2010 and reached one million travellers per year in 2014.


  1. Anonymous10:34

    Maybe its time to consider building a second runway. :)

  2. Anonymous10:43

    Chaep travel makes it possibel. Instead of flying 1-2 times a year they can make it now 5-6 times a year for the same amount.

    1. Anonymous10:58


    2. Anonymous11:06

      so pax numbers at airports explode...

  3. Anonymous11:18

    So PRN is ahead of them this year?

    1. Anonymous11:19

      By 2 days. It's neck and neck.

    2. Anonymous11:25

      there is no Nov numbers for both

    3. Anonymous11:28

      In the end PRN will be ahead as they have more things going on for them this winter. I mean they are already ahead which wasn't the case last year.

    4. Anonymous11:29

      @ 11.25 true but on Monday there was news that Pristina handled two million passengers that day. Today there is news that Skopje handled two million yesterday.

    5. Anonymous11:29

      we can almost be sure that Qatar "sponsored" this :D maybe the 2mil pax was on Tuesday but they had to wait til Wedn. for the next Qatar flight. You never know with these celebrations

    6. Anonymous11:29

      Pristina had 30% increase in November, due to new lunched routes by WizzAir. One more for Dusseldorf will be lunched this month. WizzAir will slowly moving to Pristina Airport if shows lucrative for them. Returning passengers from Kosovo back to Prishtina.

    7. Anonymous11:36

      If PRN is ahead of SKP on Dec.3 that means they had 30k more pax then SKP in Nov or SKP had a decline of epic proportions which i have to see first to believe (last years NOV numbers: SKP 140.911, PRN 117.260, on top of this SKP was ahead of PRN in Oct by some 7-10k). I do expect PRN to be ahead of SKP at the end of the year due to the usual strong December but not on Dec.3 ;)

    8. Anonymous11:37

      In link below are numbers for Pristina....

    9. Anonymous13:09

      For Jan-Oct SKP is ahead some 10k. Timing of these celebrations doesn't mean a thing, it's an airline sponsored event.

    10. Anonymous13:45

      It's all a matter of beginner's luck for SKP, but congrats anyway.
      Make sure you secure new destinations for 2019. Others in the region already fly to primary airports in Switzerland.

    11. Anonymous14:04

      the INI kid is back from school ...

    12. Anonymous14:11

      Skp likely to maintain 1-2% growth until end of March 2019 unless Ryan steps in or Turkish launch transatlantic to boost the figures. Once Wizz is back it will increase.
      Prn expected growth for 2019 around 10-11,5%. Luton route is quite busy.
      Ini maybe 1-3% growth. Vienna vs Brati - fierce competition. Same as Aqaba vs Eilat in other countries.
      2019 will be challenging for sko, prn and ini

    13. Anonymous14:21

      Where are EIlat and Akaba competing please?

    14. Anonymous14:29

      Ryan very agressive in Aqaba and Amman and Wizz very fierece in Eilat and Tel Aviv
      Check cities: Buda, Sofja, Varsava, Bucharst.
      Very cheap flights to Jordan!! 10€!!

    15. Anonymous18:27

      except for its geographical proximity theres absolutely nothing in common between INI on one side and SKP and PRN on the other.

    16. Anonymous19:15

      Yes there is A 18:27.
      Even if you don't realise it, INI is the new SKP direct competitor. Ask the former management.
      Nothing wrong about healthy competition.

    17. Anonymous20:13

      What you repetedly refuse to realize (you actually get it but you continue to troll anyway) ist that an airport with 300k pax annually can hardly be called a competitor to an airport which just welcomed its 2 milionth passenger

    18. Anonymous21:39

      when facts speak you call it troll...
      when ini had traffic skp still had mat air and barely 400 thousand a year...
      why do u feel uncomforable about ini ? ini also gives you passengers when there is fog and bad weather..
      maybe u r uncomfortable about wizz and swis?
      you have you own edelweiss airlines, we prefer swiss because of transfer and good fares.

      also "300k anually" is quite ok for a regional town , we are not a capital but 3rd largest city and still competitor with balkan capital..

    19. Anonymous21:57

      please STOP replying to this kid

    20. Anonymous22:24

      anonym 9:57 is upset but Sko still needs serious airlines like the ones in Croatia or Albania.
      Okay 2 million is super but pure low cost. Good for qatari and flydubai but flights are empty.
      germany germany and no options for izrael, tunis or morocco or even majorca.
      some 300k airports brought ryan and turkish cargo for domestic industry. south serbia has good future.

    21. Anonymous23:18

      :D popcorn alarm :D

    22. Anonymous07:26

      Morocco, Tunis, Israel? No way, SKP could barely, just barely keep BCN in summer and now you are talking of these exotic places? I mean even ATH was launched because of politics. I don't see Aegean sticking around with the things going on in politics these days.

    23. Anonymous08:38

      all east european capitals have fly to tel aviv except sko...
      why no moskva also?
      germany germany all the time and boring villages...why?

  4. Anonymous11:23

    Wowzers! congrats SKP

  5. Anonymous11:53

    So sad that all the executives are male and while the women only hold the numbers.
    I hope that this increase in travel will eventually help change attitudes in our backward region, though I'm not very optimistic.

    1. Anonymous12:27

      Why are you immediately resorting to sexism? No one complains about the high number of women in careers such as fashion or cabin crew.

    2. Anonymous14:32

      Anon 11:53
      If you are a lady, your opinion is respected but please what is wrong of having an all men representitives. Men are better in some things, women in others and viceversa.
      This is an aviation forum, not a feminist one. Thanks.

    3. Anonymous16:01

      LOL. Thanks for justifying my pessimism guys.

    4. Anonymous16:39

      Your pessimism is your own problem, discuss it with your shrink, not on an aviation forum. Like someone wrote above, the fact you ignore professions where women are a majority only goes to show that you have an agenda...

    5. Anonymous22:31

      I'm confused - do you want to limit the talk to aviation or do you want to talk about other professions?
      Anyhow, my 'agenda' is that there should be no male or female professors. Especially in aviation, I see no reason why it should be male dominated.

    6. Anonymous07:29

      You obviously have an issue with men and that's something you need to address on those feminist websites, not on an aviation forum.
      TAV is a private company, they are allowed to have all male employees if they wish. No one should force them to hire women just because it will make all the pictures much prettier. If there were women who were right for the job then they would be in the picture.

    7. Anonymous09:17

      Wrong. I don't want more women so the pictures would look prettier, it's exactly the kind of sexist attitude we should change. I want more women so they could get a more fair share in the economy.
      And I'm very aware that TAV can hire who they please. All I expressed in the beginning was a general hope that the situation for women can improve. And that doesn't start with TAV. It starts at home, in our relation to our mothers, daughters and sisters.
      In the end, sorry, but I see nothing wrong with discussing in an aviation forum what kind of workforce is employed in aviation. In fact, I think it's very relevant. It's not all about metal and pax.

  6. Anonymous14:28

    SKP is showing the way to go for the region: low income countries, low cost airlines. Better than nothing.

    1. Anonymous14:41

      Errr, nope. Low cost is also for the middle class and rich clients too.
      Say I am a Swedish businessman living in Göteborg and would like to reach Gostivar to open an office then what will I do? Fly GOT-VIE-SKP for 400€ or fly direct VXO-SKP return for 40€?
      The same for a Macedonian sport club wanting to go to Parma, they will fly with Wizzair SKP-BGY and not take Alitalia SKP-FCO-PMF for much much more money. That's it.

    2. Anonymous14:46

      If the business man can't wait until April to open the office or would not like to stay 3-4 days to wait for the return flight, he or she will need to fly from somewhere else / take another airline :D

    3. Anonymous15:23

      The only inconvenient part is the 5 am morning sundayflight from sko to vxo.
      They should change it to Friday evening.

  7. Anonymous15:49

    Bravo, Makedonia!!!
    Greetings from Sofia!


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