Aegean Airlines to boost Skopje service


Greece's Aegean Airlines will increase operations between Athens and Skopje this coming summer season. The airline will maintain three weekly services on the route, up from two this winter. The operational days will also be changed to Monday, Wednesday and Saturday as of April 1, instead of the current Tuesday and Thursday schedule. All operations will be maintained by Aegean's subsidiary Olympic Air and its 78-seat Bombardier Dash 8 aircraft. Flights between the two capital cities were resumed last November after more than a decade.


  1. Anonymous13:46

    There is an ongoing political crisis in Greece regarding the name change. I wonder if A3 might keep the route even if the deal doesn't go through as there is obviously demand.

  2. Anonymous15:42

    its the second update since they started only two months ago

    1. Anonymous17:21

      How exactly is it the second if they launched with 2 flights and now it's 3?

    2. Anonymous18:40


  3. Anonymous09:30

    How long is the flight time between SKP and ATH?
    Presumably it will be faster on the Q400 than it is on the ATR.

  4. I think Aegean made this just so they could fly from Athens to Thessalonika and when incredule passangers demanded answers the pilot would say "You wanted to go to Alexander The great right? So here we are!"


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