Air Serbia - Aegean expand codeshare


Air Serbia and Aegean Airlines have expanded their codeshare cooperation. The Greek carrier has placed its "A3" designator code and flight numbers onto Air Serbia's service between Belgrade and Thessaloniki. The route is maintained up to five times per week this winter season and will be operated double daily during the upcoming 2019 summer season. The two national carriers already have an extensive codeshare partnership in place. In addition to sharing their flight numbers on each others' services between Belgrade and Athens, Aegean's code also appears on Air Serbia's flights from Belgrade to Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Split. In return, Air Serbia codeshares on Aegean's flights from Athens to Heraklion, Corfu, Rhodes and Larnaca.


  1. Nemjee14:23

    Their LCA code-share is pretty useless despite the great schedule. One way ticket costs around €250 the last time I checked.

    1. Anonymous15:34

      What if you book on A3 BEG-ATH-LCA?
      Do they offer a better deal?

    2. Nemjee15:46

      LCA is Aegean's top selling destination so during holidays and summer it's almost impossible to find a decently priced ticket. In summer I've never seen a ticket for less than €380... but then again I book my flights two weeks in advance.

      Outside the busy periods you can find tickets for as little as €175 with no luggage.

  2. Kamila14:23

    This perhaps one of the worst codeshare agreements ever.
    There is absolutely no benefit to the passengers as pricing is outrageous.

    They provide absolutely no motivation to passengers to use them.
    Take LCA-ATH-BEG for example. Prices are 300 euro+ with connection times in ATH over 3-4 hours depending on the day.

    Similarly if they are codesharing on ATH-BEG why are A3 & JU flights almost at the same time.
    Would it not make better sense to spread them out, say one carrier flies morning the other evening to allow better connections

  3. Anonymous15:04

    I think the codeshares are meant for the Greek islands via ATH or other destinations out of the reach of Serbia via ATH such as KWI for example.
    I doubt LCA is what they considered.


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