Air Serbia - Atlasglobal expand codeshare


Air Serbia and Turkey's Atlasglobal have further expanded their codeshare partnership. The Serbian carrier has now placed its "JU" designator code and flight numbers onto Atlasglobal's services from Istanbul to Antalya, Izmir, Bodrum and Gaziantep in Turkey, as well as Tehran, Kuwait City and Tel Aviv. On the other hand, the Turkish carrier now codeshares on Air Serbia's flights from Belgrade to Tirana, Skopje, Prague, Sarajevo and Vienna, whilst retaining rights to sell marketing flights to Podgorica and Tivat. Atlasglobal will boost its operations between Istanbul and Belgrade to daily flights next summer season.


  1. So it probably means no code share with TK

    1. Anonymous19:20

      Of course not, Air Serbia is doing everything they can in order to slow down Turkish in Belgrade. What I am wondering who will fly out of Ankara to Tirana, Podgorica, Sarajevo ... via Belgrade instead of flying directly with Turkish? :D

    2. Anonymous19:23

      Why would they codeshare with TK? They are taking away JU/EY pax to far-away destinations.

    3. Anonymous19:32

      Ankara flights are for Belgrade, not the region. TIA, TGD, SJJ... are for KK passengers originating in IST.

    4. There were rumours that TK will be allowed to add one more daily flight to BEG if JU signs code share with TK.

      Connecting flights are very often cheaper than direct flights so if the price is acceptable there might be for example IST-BEG-TIA.

      Few days ago I found that in summer it is the cheapest to fly from FRA to BEG via TGD with YM

    5. Nemjee19:55

      TIA might not work as connection is ok only on Fridays. JU has player around with their summer schedule so TIA will be 9 weekly, six weekly at night and three times at noon. SJJ and TGD are more convenient.

    6. It was given just as an example without checking actual flight schedule. Probably TGD and SJJ better show advantages of this code share.

    7. Anonymous21:20

      Remember that one?

      An elephant never forgets..

    8. Anonymous07:24

      That was a painful and pointless event... damn you Serbian CAD! I hope TK adds a third daily this summer.


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