Air Transat to boost Zagreb operations


Canada's Air Transat will increase frequencies on its seasonal summer flights between Toronto and Zagreb from two to three per week next summer season. The airline will resume operations to the Croatian capital on May 14 with the second weekly flight commencing on June 2. The new third weekly service will launch on June 20. All flights will be operated with the Airbus A330-200 aircraft. The last rotation of the season from Toronto is scheduled to take place on October 29. As previously reported, Air Transat will also introduce a new seasonal one weekly service between Toronto and Split, which will run from June 20 until September 12.

On the other hand, Air Canada Rouge, which previously announced it would run five weekly flights from Toronto to Zagreb during the 2019 summer season, has reverted back to its original schedule of four weekly operations.


  1. Anonymous10:34

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Anonymous10:40

    Did they use A333 last year? I guess they need the frequencies to remain competitive against Rouge.

    1. Anonymous14:10

      How many flights to ZAG will AC Rouge have?

    2. Anonymous14:14

      It says in the article. Last sentence.

    3. Anonymous14:22

      Sorry. Thanks!

    4. Anonymous15:33

      To anon 10:40 - last year they were also using A332.

  3. Anonymous10:42

    Bravo Canada!

  4. Anonymous10:45


  5. Anonymous10:59

    Do Croats need a visa for Canada? I know they lifted them for Romanians and Bulgarians in Dec 2017.

    1. Anonymous11:05

      No, they don't, since Croatia is a member of EU.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Croats dont need visa for Canada for 10 years now.

    4. Anonymous11:37

      Wonder why they still need visas for the US? I don't think that many visa applications are being rejected in Croatia (around 5%)?

    5. To ti je kvaka 22. Kazu Ameri kako zaprimaju velik broj zahtijeva za vizom pa iz straha ne, s druge strane mali je broj odbijenih zahtijeva.

      Americanska logika 🤔

    6. Anonymous11:58

      Poles still need a visa for US, which is quite odd. Not seeing any lifts soon on my opinion.
      I prefer Canada to US.

    7. An. 11.37
      If it were only for HR passport holders from Croatia, visas would have been lifted long ago, as number of refused requests is less than 3% for years now. Problems are HR passport holders from Herzegovina; their refusal rate is well over 10% and because of them visa regime is still effective for HR citizens travelling to the US. However, EU has been trying to equalize visa regime for all the members, so hopefully abolishment of visas for remaining 5 members (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland, Romania) is soon to come

    8. Anonymous14:08

      Hopefully, 3% is really not that much, visas should have been abolished long time ago. Would have helped to establish flights to the US

    9. Anonymous14:09

      Not from Herzegovina but Bosniaks from Bihac region

  6. Anonymous11:42

    Do you guys think Air Canada might replace AC Rouge on their route to ZAG some time soon? Does Air Canada fly seasonally at all?

    1. Anonymous12:59

      Air Canada upgraded WAW to mainline only to downgrade it to Rouge after a season. Market to Zagreb is price-sensitive and with Transat around I don't see it happening.

    2. Anonymous14:09

      How many flights to WAW does AC Rouge have? Do they have Air Transat as well?

  7. Anonymous15:27

    There is potential for more Canadian cities to be linked with ZGB:

    - Ottawa
    - Montreal
    - Vancouver

    1. There is potential for much more cities from other continents to be linked with ZAG, not only Canadian - USA, India, China, Japan, Thailand, but it's Croatia Airlines which should be operating at least partly, some of them, in close cooperation with MZLZ. But either deliberately trying and succeeding in ruining OU completely in order to make space for LH, or out of a pure incompetence, nothing is happening and would probably continue to be like it

    2. Anonymous18:58

      I would go with sheer incompetence, they are static and don't care about running an efficient business. OU should have operated Canada flights like JU is doing it with JFK.

    3. Sure. And nail them to the ground in a flash.

    4. Anonymous19:34

      JU is making it work, why wouldn't OU? OU also has a regional network, lot's of p2p demand and look how many Americans come to Croatia.

    5. JU is "making it work" through financial help from Serbian government.

    6. Anonymous20:55

      The Croatian government can find a way just like the Slovenian government found a way to give Adria €4.5 million it needed. HR government can say it is giving OU money for tourism purposes.

    7. And look how great Adria is doing.
      That move would be a final nail in OU's coffin.

    8. Anonymous21:06

      JP is failing because it has a tiiiiiiny domestic demand, OU has a massive one. It needs to be proactive to grow again

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. Such a massive market that is only profitable during the summer. Jesus Christ on a cracker, dude. What are you on?

    11. Anonymous21:22

      I am not on anything. I am saying OU needs to grow and start building a hub in ZAG.

    12. It won't do it by leasing out a ridiculously expensive airplane.

    13. Anonymous21:35

      In times of growing O&D traffic, the days of hubs are slowly fading away.
      Even DXB is no longer the DXB of 2000. More and more cities are getting connected and people avoid transfers.
      Another good example: PER-LHR. Aussies claimed they prefer to fly longer but to avoid hubs like BKK, KUL or SIN.
      The trend in Europe is the same. This is why the idea of ZAG becoming a hub is not really viable.

    14. Anonymous22:05

      ATH, IST, VIE, WAW, RIX, CPH... are all growing as hubs. ZAG can too.

    15. Anonymous23:35

      The rise and fall. VIE is still a hub, but slowly losing pace. Especially with all those new comers. OS is slowly losing markets > Balkans and CIS, US, Sri Lanka, etc,

      CPH is definitely becoming more O&D. Maybe you meant HEL - there I agree. But HEL is ridiculously expensive, hence barely any LCC - mainly transfer to Asia.
      ATH used to be in the 90s when OA was grand (they had destinations even to JNB with A340) - now it's more regional as A3 doesn't do long-haul.
      WAW - we will see if they can cope with the new destinations such as NRT, LAX. SEL, etc.

      I just have a feeling that Europe is getting more and more connected to the world. The Open Skies agreement did wonders. It's also true that the Dreamliner and A350 did indeed revolutionise the skies, too. You can now literally fly mostly anywhere, non-stop.


      and so on and so on....

      Future routes might be:


      Here in our region we may see:


      and of course with the arrival of A321LR more and more flights to primary and secondary EU-ES destinations following the demise of Primera Air.

      The game changers will be the new ISL airport and FRA will definitely surpass LHR if it continues growing. More and more destinations are launched every year and now following Brexit, many banks and businesses will move there. Also new Terminal 3 will be built by 2022.

      Finally, and as for Croatia and given its size, has a very good coverage on my opinion. Coast and capital go well together. I definitely see more Canadian connections during the upcoming 5 years or so.

    16. Anonymous07:28

      Huh? CPH is still very much a hub and SK is showing no signs of slowing down. ATH might not be an intergalactic hub but they are still a hub... a regional hub.
      WAW is also growing as a hub, LO just announced flights to DEL starting this summer with ICN already increased last year and PEK getting the B789 this year.
      OS is not losing any steam, this winter they boosted their network with some additional 40 weekly frequencies and they added close to 10 A320 in a year and they are adding another B772 this year.

      Yes, European market is growing and that is why it is getting additional connections to the world. Hub system is far from being dead.

    17. Yes, CPH is still a hub but mainly a regional Scandinavian and Nordic one with additional and newer expansion to Baltic countries. It is what Belgrade or Zagreb might become for the western balkans. More likely Belgrade, if it is even possible.
      Over 80% of traffic that goes through it, connects various Nordic and Baltic cities with each other and with other European cities. The rest is domestic and intercontinental. But thing is, for a lot of intercontinental travel, people still need to fly over Amsterdam or London.
      Another, not particularly good indicator when it comes to CPH is that all of our US connections (there's like 5 or 6 by SAS and Norwegian) are seeing a drop in passengers, except for the seasonal Delta flight to JFK.


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