Osijek in talks over new Wizz service


Osijek Airport is in discussions with Wizz Air over the introduction of new flights from London. According to the airport's General Manager, Davor Forgić, the outcome of those talks should be known soon. The low cost airline currently serves the Croatian city with a two weekly service from Basel, which will increase to three per week over the summer. Mr Forgić noted that there are currently no other changes to the airport's flight network, with Eurowings to maintain two weekly seasonal flights from Stuttgart and Cologne, while Croatia Airlines and Trade Air will continue to operate the same number of frequencies on their domestic services to and from Osijek.


  1. Anonymous10:50

    Ryanair failed to London, there is simply no market. OSI needs to understand that.

    1. Anonymous11:28

      Ryanair je imao LF od 92%. Prije nego bubneš glupost informiraj se malo. Ryanair je otišao jer Osijek nije pristao na ucjene i nije htio davati silne subvencije Ryanairu.

      EX YU- Eurowings osim za Stuttgart iz Osijeka leti sezonski i za Koln/Bonn.

    2. Anonymous11:36

      О томе ти и причам, ако нема субвенција нема ни реалне потражње. Ето како Визер за Базел и Јуронингз опстају?

    3. Jakov Fabinger12:07

      There is a massive market, and it is the market to Zagreb. The catchment area is presently using Budapest and Ljubljana to travel to the UK, so Osijek would be a welcome alternative. Ryanair flew back when there were 16 weekly ZAG-LON flights, now there are only 10 and they are absurdly expensive.

    4. Anonymous12:21

      We will open Zagreb South-London.

    5. Anonymous12:51

      But why would someone travel all the way to Osijek when there is LJU which is much closer and has so many more options to London?

  2. Anonymous14:55

    This guy just talk to much without any results...

  3. Anonymous15:01


    Osijek county increased subsidies for the airport.

    1. Anonymous15:22

      In general, subsidies are always great when they are for US, but always bad when they are for THEM. Replace US and THEM with airports or airlines in the region and you get applicable comment for every possible topic on this site.

    2. Anonymous16:09

      That is why US will always be against THEM and US will never rejoice to anything done by THEM.

    3. Anonymous20:30





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