Tunisair to launch new Sarajevo service


Tunisia's national carrier will introduce a new seasonal service between Monastir and Sarajevo this coming summer. Flights between the two cities will be maintained once per week starting June 10 until September 9 with the 126-seat Boeing 737-600 aircraft. The service will complement existing seasonal flights between Tunis and Sarajevo operated by Tunisair Express. Further flight details for the new Monastir - Sarajevo service can be found here.


  1. Anonymous13:39

    Wooow, SJJ on the news again. WELL DONE!!!
    I think 2019 will be a blissful year not only for ex-Yu but for the whole of Europe.

    Not to mention that BiH is nicely developing its airports.

  2. Anonymous16:34

    Congrats, SJJ! Now, work on those flights to Western Europe as well!

  3. lol SJJ connected again with another arab country, no western europe destinations

    1. Anonymous09:16

      There is only gastarbeiter demand for western Europe. Tourists in BiH are primarily muslims from the Middle East.

    2. Anonymous14:44

      In 1980s Tunisia was very popular destination for Yugoslav tourists with JAT's flights from Belgrade - I visited it three times. But at that time Sarajevo was neglected and discriminated against, having practically no international flights except Baghdad and Tripoli (and later Istanbul with Inex Adria Airways). If you wanted to fly abroad, you had first to reach Belgrade or Zagreb. Now it will provide Bosnians with another holiday destination.

  4. Anonymous01:41

    The smallest Boeing737 600 is a real pleasure to fly with,responsive,agile and comfortable aircraft,passenger capacity is 122 .

  5. Anonymous09:27

    U ne tako davnoj 2004 godini u periodu oko 5 mjeseci ja i moj veoma dobar kolega iz Makedonije,pilot Stefanovski pilotirali smo na isti tip aviona Boeing737-600(serija83),ovaj avion je pouzdan,kvalitetan ali je proizveden u seriji od samo 58 aviona,U Europi aktivna su samo jos 2 aviona Boeing737-600,u Tunisair su ostala jos 6 aviona-na jedan od njih jos uvjek ljeti izvrstan Hrvatski pilot Mihailov dok ostali su ih prodali u Americi,pozdrav iz suncanog Hvara iako je danas hladno-kapetan Savic.


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