Viadukt to sell Zagreb Airport share


Viadukt, one of the six shareholders in Zagreb Airport International Company (ZAIC), which manages Croatia's busiest airport, is selling its entire 5.11% stake in the consortium. The Croatian construction company is selling its shares for a minimum of seven million euros. Interested parties had until early December to submit their bids. Once the highest bidder is selected, the process is expected to take some time to complete. The transaction must be in accordance with UK law, where ZAIC is registered, and must be approved by all other shareholders. The new owner will also take on all of Viadukt's obligations within the consortium, including loan repayments. ZAIC is currently made up of Aeroports de Paris Management (20.77%), Bouygues Batiment International (20.77%), Fond Marguerite (20.77%), IFC (17.58%), TAV Airports (15.0%) and Viadukt (5.11%). The company recently named Huseyin Bahadır Bedir as its new CEO.


  1. Anonymous11:27

    Could this have to do with the airport's financial troubles? Why would they want to leave?

    1. Anonymous11:30

      It's to do with Viadukt's financial troubles. I think the company is in liquidation or something like that.

    2. Anonymous12:08

      It seems so, I found this article though a bit old:

    3. Anonymous14:51

      Running an airport is not their core business. Constructing it is and that is why they are withdrawing. They build building but do not run them let alone an airport.

    4. Anonymous15:52

      Is it similar to the notorious 4K company? As far as I understood, they are not specialised in aviation but yet injecting cash in a carrier.

  2. Anonymous12:01

    Yes, Viadukt, as a company is not doing well.

  3. Nasta je spao Viadukt.....firma koja je bila u stanju nekad sagraditi Peljeski most onako usputno.......bankrot.

  4. Anonymous23:46

    Why and how is ZAIC registered in UK?


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