Wizz Air and Ryanair hike baggage fees


Low cost carriers Wizz Air and Ryanair have both increased their luggage fees. Wizz Air passengers will now have to fork out between nine and 27 euros to check in a ten kilogram bag depending of the route, the date of travel (low or high season) and how the ticket was bought (online, call center or airport). In addition, the airline has raised fees for priority boarding, which now amounts to between five and seventeen euros or 25 euros if booked at the airport.

On the other hand, Ryanair passengers now have to pay between six and ten euros to get priority boarding, which is the only way a traveller can take a ten kilogram wheelie bag into the cabin. Previously, there was a flat fee of six euros. Passengers checking in a ten kilogram bag will have to pay between ten and twelve euros, up from eight.


  1. Wizz Air - forever copying Ryan.

  2. Great, more fess, more charges to ever increasing fares on Wizz. At least FR is cheap.

  3. Well, last week I bought EIN-BEG return on Wizz in mid-March for €50, including 10kg checked-in bag. That's quite cheap.

    1. I just checked, there will be 18 one way flights to EIN in March. One day has 2.699 RSD, all other days are between 3.000 and 11.000. Depends on how flexible you are. I guess they have to be realistic here because of Transavia from AMS.

  4. Good news for legacy carriers.

  5. Да се што више измузе од путника..


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