Wizz Air hiring Bosnian crew


Low cost airline Wizz Air is hiring new cabin crew members at its Tuzla base. The Open Recruitment Day will take place at the Golden Star Hotel (Jevrejska 5) on Monday, January 14, starting at 08.30 CET. Interested applicants must be at least eighteen years old, have a minimum high school diploma and be fluent in English and another southeast European language. Those attending the open day must bring with them an updated English CV, preferably two photos (face and full body), as well as references.


  1. Anonymous03:36

    It's much easier to get the EXACTLY the same job in big fast food chain (M) or similar than to damage your health by constant flying and selling sandwiches and ice cream on discount... Don't be fooled that it's a good job just because it's aviation. it's not what you think.

  2. True, you could get a better paid job at McDonald's then at wizz air!

    1. Anonymous09:30

      Do you even know how much they pay? It's better paid then at our national carriers.

    2. Anonymous13:20

      Wizz Air pays less than Air Serbia.

  3. Anonymous19:05

    Base aircraft HALPN, seems to have been helping out on Tirana flight today, so it's now returning from MPX to TZL...

  4. Anonymous08:59

    For all of you who chose to work in Mc'Donalcds rather then in aviation industry, what are you doing on this website, especially on this topic? :-D


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