Austrian to wet-lease Adria jets


Austrian Airlines has confirmed it has signed a wet-lease agreement with its Star Alliance partner Adria Airways for two Bombardier CRJ900 aircraft. The aim of the agreement is to have reserve aircraft available to enable greater flexibility in flight planning. Austrian Airlines will lease the jets along with cockpit and cabin crew from March 31 until December 31. The aircraft will be used on select flights from Vienna to Belgrade, Košice and Warsaw. Adria Airways' CEO, Holger Kowarsch, said recently, "In line with modern economic principles, the direction of growth is also in the ACMI [aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance lease] segment, where Adria Airways sees its competitive advantage since we are a company that adapts well to changes in an increasingly demanding environment".


  1. Anonymous13:36

    "...since we are a company that adapts well to changes in an increasingly demanding environment" LOL.

  2. Anonymous12:30

    Yeah Adria is really companý of changes

  3. Nothing to complain about - i rather see new SSJs than old CRJs

    1. CRJ=not even one people died in 20 years history. We Will see SSJ what Will be.

    2. Anonymous09:13

      How many people died in VW, BMW, AUDI, ..., train, bus, ..., 747, ship (Coste-Concordia, Titania) ... :D


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