Brač Airport to complete expansion by 2021


Brač Airport plans to expand its terminal and taxiways, as well as further lengthen its runway within two years. "In 2019, our plan is to maintain similar passenger numbers to last year's - around 31.000 travellers. We will focus the rest of our energy on expanding the runway and terminal. This year we plan to obtain all necessary permits with work to begin in late 2020. The new airport will be in operation in May 2021", General Manager Tonči Peović said. The island airport intends on extending the runway from the current 1.760 metres to 2.400 metres, and widening it from thirty metres to 45 metres. It has also outlined plans to expand its terminal building in order for the airport to handle three aircraft such as the Boeing 737-800 or the Airbus A320 at the same time.


  1. Anonymous19:28

    BWK has definitely grabbed the attention of many regional, European airlines and is now positioning itself in a higher place compared to other airports struggling to secure even 1 passenger per day.
    Croatia is doing extremely well when it comes to airports. Bravo, HR!

  2. Anonymous20:57

    Very interesting.

    Seems to be the final stage of their development plan. So far they really followed through with all previous steps.

    Although I think that 2100m runway would be sufficient for all European A320/B738 ops.

  3. Great job and staff @ BWK

  4. Anonymous19:29

    Is the airport expansion actually finished yet?
    I mean the runway and the rest?


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