FlyBosnia runs first charter flight


Start-up FlyBosnia has operated its first charter flight prior to commencing scheduled operations. Over the weekend, the Sarajevo-based airline carried the "Flame of Peace" from Banja Luka to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the opening of European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) 2019 on February 10. FlyBosnia's Airbus A319 aircraft donned special EYOF stickers across the fuselage, as well as a larger logo. The airline's CEO, Chris Gabriel, said recently, "We have a list of destinations, especially in Europe and some in the Middle East, that we are now finalising the schedule on. In addition to that, we have received numerous charter requests. So many in fact that we probably can't fulfil the demand in the early stages. We have built our schedule up and we are just slotting those charters in".


  1. It looks quite good with the stickers.

  2. Anonymous14:16

    It made a very short flight from SJJ-BNX ;)

    They are obviously trying to promote the airline inside BiH.

    1. Anonymous14:29

      But why do that? They don't plan on flying out of BNX and I doubt anyone would travel to SJJ when ZAG is much closer.

    2. Anonymous14:56

      Because they are supporting the European Youth Olympic Festival due to be held in Sarajevo February 10-15 2019 (

    3. Because it gets them media coverage and I am sure they were compensated.

    4. Anonymous15:58

      I think they will get it right this time. Wishing them all the very best.
      BiH will soon become very successful with its 4 international airports.
      Go Bosnia, go.

    5. Anonymous16:11


  3. Anonymous16:26

    They should keep the FLYBOSNIA in the blue and yellow colors, along with the size of the letters, looks much better than the plain blue letters with the smaller font, brings more life to the plane.

  4. Anonymous18:30

    This flight was free of charge ?

    As our country leaders decided that BH dont have money or need for airline/aircrafts, this flight must be free!


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