Slovenia's Aero4M wet-leases plane to Air France


Slovenian corporate and business operator Aero4M will wet-lease its ATR42 turboprop aircraft to Air France HOP starting this March. The aircraft will be operated between Aurillac, in central France, and Paris. In a statement, Air France HOP said, "As announced a few months ago, we will be streamlining our fleet, resulting in the phase out of all ATR turboprop aircraft. As a result, the Regourd Aviation group (which owns Aero4M), will continue operating the Aurillac - Paris air link with its ATR42, from March 3". The aircraft in question is thirty years old. Aero4M also operates Embraer E145 jets and an ATR72. The company was founded by local Slovenian aviation experts and France's Regourd Aviation Management team. Established in 2008 as a line and base maintenance company for helicopters, Aero4M developed into an airline and Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) in 2012 when it received an Air Operator's Certificate (AOC).


  1. Anonymous16:22

    Good, to see good news from Slovenia.

  2. Anonymous18:10

    There is typo in the text regarding the ac age - the old lady is probably ashamed of it... :D

  3. Nikad čuo. Živi bili pa vidjeli

  4. Anonymous23:45

    I guess it will be former F-GVZJ c/n 093. Would be great to include registration or construction number in such an article.


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