Terna confirms new Belgrade terminal


Terna, the wholly owned subsidiary of Greece's construction and real estate conglomerate GEK Terna, has confirmed it will build a new terminal at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport by 2024. The company told EX-YU Aviation News the new facility will have a total surface area of 42.000 square metres. It will also refurbish the existing terminal buildings, build new taxiways and a car park, as well as expand the apron and deicing platform. The company, which will be tasked with constructing a new runway as well, has until 2024 to complete all contracted work. The project budget had been set at 262 million euros.


  1. Anonymous10:33

    What's the size of the current termibte?

    1. Anonymous10:42

      33,000 sqm

    2. Anonymous10:47

      Wow that's quite big then. I suppose they will add another 10 airbridges! :O

  2. Anonymous10:34

    It's obvious now that 2019 will the year of Serbian aviation! Great news about the terminal.

  3. Anonymous12:06

    Bravo Srbija (BEG)!
    Bravo France (Vinci)!
    Bravo Greece (Terna)!

    1. Anonymous12:11

      You covered them all! :D

    2. Anonymous13:31

      Bravo Zurich Airport consortium and ADm for showing us plans, maps and rendering!

      Not so much Bravo for the winner, they did not publish a single photo or a map.

    3. Anonymous15:01

      Bravo Vinci who instead of renders, drawings and promises is actually giving half a billion Euros to the state and is actually spending 262 million Euros to build a new terminal, a new runway and all the other new facilities!.

    4. Anonymous15:34

      Plans exist, why are they secret?

    5. Anonymous15:36

      They are not secret. They've outlined everything they are going to do in the next five years.

    6. Anonymous16:30

      Show me a picture, map, rendering or you are lying about plans. Where EXACTLY will that new terminal be? Why is that info not published yet?

    7. Nemjee16:36

      Why should it be published online? They are not obliged until the final version is ready.

    8. Anonymous16:38

      I told you they outlined what they will build and how big each upgrade or structure will be, so you already know. They already told you it will be by 2024. They took over the airport a month ago!! Get real. It was also reported here last week that they are finalising the masterplan which should be done in a month, so perhaps then they will show you all their plans.

    9. Anonymous19:14

      "Get real"

      Others got real plans, maps and renderings back in June 2018:


    10. Anonymous19:18

      "Others" is one company that published their plan after they were rejcted. The OTHERS is one company. Yes, get real. The government and concession tender committee were certainly shown all the plans. Vinci has no obligation to show you their plans the second they take over. You have an putline of what they will do which is more then enough for now.

  4. Anonymous16:21

    Does this mean that they will truly build a new runway, instead of an inserted runway which their were rumors about?

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