Tuzla Airport sees sharp passenger decline


Tuzla Airport registered its fourth consecutive month of declining passenger figures. The airport welcomed 36.341 travellers in January, representing a decrease of 10.4%. The dip in numbers comes as a result of Wizz Air which has discontinued flights from Bosnia and Herzegovina's third largest city to Billund, Baden Baden, Stockholm Skavsta and Vaxjo over the winter season. Tuzla Airport has commenced talks with the low cost carrier over a new four-year agreement, which would see the airline serve the city until at least 2023. Airport authorities anticipate the talks will result in the introduction of new routes and possibly the stationing of a third aircraft. Wizz Air's CEO, Jozsef Varadi, told EX-YU Aviation News he is confident a new agreement would be reached. "I think it is in the interest of Tuzla and the region to see our continuous operations and them improving their infrastructure. I'm pretty sure Tuzla Airport will be business-minded in that regard", Mr Varadi said.


  1. Anonymous14:27

    I am sure BNX didn't make their life any easier. I guess TZL will stabilize at around 450.000 passengers which is not bad.

  2. Anonymous14:29

    RYR(BNX) is attacking WZZ(TZL) and Ryr will introduce new routes in 2019

  3. Anonymous14:38

    BNX presence will be felt in both TZL and ZAG, but more in TZL

  4. Anonymous16:03

    "I'm pretty sure Tuzla Airport will be business-minded" could be interpreted as: "Your TZL airport depends solely on us, Wizzair. This drop in traffic is just a glimpse of what will happen if you don't give us conditions we want".

    Looks like Wizz CEO actually threatened TZL with moving out (and effectively shutting down all the traffic) if they don't get what they want in this quote: "I think it is in the interest of Tuzla and the region to see our CONTINUOUS OPERATIONS". TZL now reaps what they sow, it's a lesson to other airports supporting monopoly.

  5. That's why a national carrier is needed. These low cost Airlines only serve where they can make money.
    A flag carrier will offer sustainable flights!


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