Adria Airways joins new app service


Adria Airways has become the Star Alliance launch partner of the new Altitude Inflight Magazines app, allowing travellers and frequent fliers to download the latest inflight magazines. Touted by its creators as a “one-stop mobile travel resource”, the Altitude Inflight Magazines app (available for both iOS and Android) provides one-click download access to dozens of magazines for on-the-go reading. Each airline’s latest inflight magazine, as well as a selection of back issues from the past year, are available on the app. Readers can sort magazines by airline name, magazine name, and geographic region, as well as receive notifications when new issues of their favourite titles are available on the platform. Niels Dam, the app’s co-creator, said, “Our app extends Adria Airways’ latest travel destination articles and airline news to an engaged and affluent global readership audience that exists beyond the traditional seat-back pocket. We’re opening it up to a truly global audience”. Co-founder Henry Tenby, added, “The app promotes the airline’s brand and destinations to potentially millions of global readers who may not yet be passengers, but could very well be in the future”. Besides Adria, Altitude’s launch partner line up includes Air Namibia, Air Vanuatu, Aurigny of the Channel Islands, Azerbaijan Airlines, Lao Airlines and Ukraine International Airlines. Talks are underway with additional carriers.


  1. Anonymous13:33

    Cool :)

  2. Anonymous16:05

    Good for them for reaching out to an engaged and affluent global readership audience flying Air Namibia, Air Vanuatu, Aurigny of the Channel Islands, Azerbaijan Airlines, Lao Airlines and Ukraine International Airlines...

    1. Anonymous17:49

      Funny pearls on the same chain.

    2. Pokušavaš biti ironičan, ali neuspješno. AZAL i UIA su sa solidnim interkontinentalnim flotama i letovima za SAD, Kinu, Indiju sve ono što bi aviokompanije iz ove regije željele biti, ali nisu

    3. Anonymous19:57

      AZAL je avokompanija zemlje koja ima naftu, a UIA zemlje koja ima duplo više stanovnika od vascelog regiona. Zbog toga su uspješne, jer vjerojatno i u jednoj i u drugoj sjede politički imenovani CEOovi, dok država pokriva gubitke, kao i u aviokompanijama iz regije.

  3. Anonymous20:38

    Nice addition. It will be interesting to see this feature onboard their future Sukhoi jets.
    I watched many Youtube Sukhoi jet videos and many were very cool and positive.

    Interior is very nice and such a quiet plane:

    Good luck JP.

    1. Anonymous08:46

      Oh, come on...forget Sukhois :-) they will never fly in Adria colours...


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