Air Serbia introduces prepaid hot meals


Air Serbia has launched a new prepaid hot meal service as of March 1, giving economy class passengers on flights lasting over eighty minutes the opportunity to preorder their food. The meals are available on all flights, including those to and from New York, where Air Serbia offers two complimentary meals.

On flights to Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Air Serbia is offering passengers the choice between a mushroom pie with sataraš, scrambled eggs with cottage cheese, grilled chicken in gravy, and vegetarian moussaka, with prices ranging between 6.5 and nine euros. On services to New York, passengers can preorder breaded chicken in Aioli sauce, Zlatibor flat bun with Užička prosciutto, kajmak and eggs, and potato dumplings with spinach in a cheese sauce. The meals are valued between twelve and fourteen euros.

Passengers can preorder their hot meal at the time of booking, on the "my reservation" page on Air Serbia's website or via the carrier's call centre. Passengers on all of Air Serbia's European flights receive a complimentary cup of water and light snack. Depending on their fare type, travellers will also receive a complimentary drink and cold sandwich. If their fare does not include a meal, passengers must pay for any extras on board. On services to and from New York, all passengers receive complementary meals and drinks.


  1. Nemjee10:32

    Not bad, I saw many airlines have these options and they seem to be quite popular on longer flights. These could sell well on flights that depart BEG in the afternoon especially for passengers who didn't manage to eat before going to the airport.

    In other news, today is JU's first summer increase, LCA goes from 1 weekly to 2.

  2. Anonymous10:37

    Why Air Serbia can't just increase the price of tickets for few euros per leg and all food it's already included?
    I noticed that: what we ate during the flight, what we ate and was "free" (read included in the ticket price already) it's very important for many customers even on shorter legs. We got this and this ... wow the airline is good it's a comment that I'm hearing all the time. Meal included it's a smart marketing move. Do you agree?

    1. Nemjee10:47

      I agree and it doesn't necessarily have to be a meal, a nice sandwich could do the trick. That's what many airlines around Europe do these days. It's an affordable way to distinguish yourself from the LCC competition.

    2. Anonymous11:54

      A3 offers complimentary meals and alcoholic drinks followed by coffee/tea. They manage to be profitable and distinguish themselves from the LCCs and even certain FSCs like BA and KL who offer very subpar service compared to them.
      TK as well despite having very limited competition from the likes of FR, U2, W6 etc.

    3. Anonymous12:34

      I personally don't mind about sandwiches on most short flights and when I fly in the region with some other airlines offering it I skip because I don't like them.
      I remember that small "fit sandwiches" offered by Air Serbia and they were quite acceptable.
      On the other hand, Air Serbia should consider that there is more than just economical value of this sandwich. In this region love for free food is, let say, "cultural" thing - similar to Greece for example. Amount of negative PR received because of this is huge and they should consider to change something in current model.
      Yes it is true that many airlines are moving from this (for example Air Baltics which is here often compared to Air Serbia), but this is Balkan not Baltic :)

    4. Anonymous12:50

      +1 Anon 12:34

      All other neighbouring countries flag carriers still offer free meals and even wine: A3, FB and RO for example.
      If you read most of the reviews, you will see they are related to food or something like: "Oh, they gave me a sandwich and even a beer" or "free coffee and a baguette" for instance.
      I think it is worse to give a sole cup of water. Either serve something or do not serve at all.

    5. Anonymous13:35

      Thats because most of us passengers will buy a ticket at a low cost carrier that would offer a few euros cheaper and charge additionally for meal. If the ticket price included meal but the price for a short leg is few euros more, we tend not to buy with airserbia. So these airlines are having their prices adjusted without meal.

    6. Anonymous18:48

      @ Anon 13:35
      I would not get into discussion about pricing, but I think you are wrong. On some routes LCC are already cheaper, on some they are not. So this is not the reason.
      Further, typical "airline" sandwich is not costing in production few euros but cost less then 1€. I'm not talking about some fancy variants like wraps with chicken or something but something other carriers offer for free (2 slices of bread, 1-2 slices oh cheese, ham, lettuce). If you don't believe me, check retail prices for sandwiches in Belgrade's shop & bakeries that imagine the scale of production for airline.

    7. Nemjee08:08

      Not to mention that JU can make these in-house so it would come out even cheaper. Also, it's a myth that just because they are LCC that they are cheaper compared to legacy carriers. Airlines such as Lufthansa, Aegean... have proven that having a decent onboard product isn't preventing a business from being profitable. Failing and struggling airlines use this as an argument to cut costs without realizing that what they save on catering, they lose on brand recognition and image. I think cost cutting and various business models have hurt JU more than the cost of sandwiches did.

  3. Anonymous10:46

    Reasonable prices, if you ask me. OS charges 15€ for the same service via their DO & CO à la carte.

    On the other hand, the BA Spanish chief has made a very interesting interview about BoB service:

    It's true, that LH and AF for instance still offer this but they are not stupid. LH mainline flies to the destinations making them more money while using EW on more leisure routes where BoB is applied.

    Anyway, good for ASL really. I am starting to like their new strategy for 2019. They introduced BoB and got rid of all the metal cutlery to cut their losses. What's more is that now they are offering even a higher class of BoB and not just the traditional, plastic chicken sandwich offered by many.

    1. Nemjee10:48

      And more importantly they brought back standard service in business class. That disastrous cardboard box service was discontinued.

    2. Anonymous10:56

      Forgot about that one, true!
      Though not really related to catering, it's also worth mentioning the special packages, where they offer cake, champagne, wine and roses for the special one:

      Though, I personally find them slightly pricey especially the last service:

      Chocolate premium cake "Ana" 0.5 kg with a personal note*, "Mumm" champaign 0.375 l and a rose 35 EUR

      Cakes are expensive in general, but 500gr + a small bottle of Champagne (must be French) and a rose for 35€ is a lot. They should reconsider revising the prices.

  4. Anonymous10:47

    Nice to see local food on offer.

  5. Anonymous11:01

    Prices are fair, but the picture don't look too appetizing unfortunately, at least to me.

    1. Anonymous21:01

      Hahaahaaaa that really really looks ehhhmmm... interesting.

      They should have invested in a good photographer - the one who does McDonald's Burger marketing pictures for example! :)

  6. Anonymous11:46

    "complimentary cup of water"


    1. Anonymous12:22

      To be correct, since they reintroduce this service, at first it was bottle (0.25), then went to cup for short period, now are back to small bottle.

  7. JU520 BEGLAX11:46

    Good thing, i always order meals to pay if its available as it often saves me lunch or dinner afterwards.

  8. Anonymous11:52

    Jadno da ne moze biti jadnije.

  9. Does anybody know by any chance if the meals will be served on board as depicted on the picture or rather in a „plastic-cup“ (don‘t know how to call it precisely)
    Since I think if they would serve the meals as depicted on the picture above it would contribute even more to the destinction from the LCC‘s
    Greetings from FRA :)

  10. Anonymous13:22

    JU "light snack" and water, BRU-BEG a few days ago...

    Return ticket (the fare including the luggage) "promo" 250€. I find the snack ridiculous if not offensive. Even just water would be better. If they really wanted to include something in this ticket price, how much can a small, decent looking veggie sandwich (or sth like that) really cost? Alternatively, I would prefer some real "promo" prices and then you can sell me whatever your want onboard (like those hot meals now advertised).

    1. Anonymous14:10

      Thanks for sharing. Now what I find more insulting is that the 250ml little bottle of water is for kids because it reads Junior in coloured font.
      This is simply not enough for an adult, leave alone a tall or big man.
      How much in advance did you buy the ticket? The price depends on so many things.
      250€ return is quite "normal" as JU does not face any competition on this destination.

    2. Anonymous14:47

      I bought it some 2 months ahead, but the price was the same all the time (if you open google flights calendar it shows the same prices for almost any date, even the really close ones). Basic one/cabin bag cca 190€ and this one 250. Sometimes it's even cheaper to take the train to AMS and then fly Transavia but everyone in BRU is usually on a tight schedule so it's not really worth it (have to say I really like JU's timetable as you can catch their Thu/Fri evening flight and take the early return flight on Mon morning which is an ideal combo for a nice weekend in Belgrade!)

    3. Anonymous15:10

      I am checking some random dates CRL-TSR and there are flights for 9,99€ if you have Wizzair discount membership. Return is 19,98€. Even if you add hand baggage it will be less than 50€.
      Try TSR, maybe it is cheaper.

      1 ПУТНИК
      ЛЕТОВИ ‎19,98 ​EUR​
      Брисел Шарлроа – Темишвар
      21:10 – 0:25 (W6 3524)
      Основна цена
      1 × Авионска карта ‎1,99 ​EUR​
      1 × Административна накнада ‎8,00 ​EUR​
      Темишвар – Брисел Шарлроа
      14:50 – 16:10 (W6 3523)
      Основна цена
      1 × Авионска карта ‎1,99 ​EUR​
      1 × Административна накнада ‎8,00 ​EUR​
      ПУТНИЦИ ‎28,00 ​EUR​

      1 × Чекирани пртљаг од 10 kg ‎14,00 ​EUR​

      1 × Чекирани пртљаг од 10 kg ‎14,00 ​EUR​
      Изаберите кабински пртљаг за одлазни лет

      ‎47,98 ​EUR

      There was another Serbian guy nicked BA888 or something like that. He was complaining the same for the LHR-BEG route where I think the rates were also crazy high.
      The LTN-TSR prices with Wizz were again, very cheap.

    4. Anonymous15:50

      Znaci cena karte te izadje 50e + troskovi prevoza :beograd-temisvar,Brisel Sarloa-Odrediste(oba pravca u povratku)+torba u oba pravca+voda i recimo ribice u avionu u oba pravca + VREME i jos ako putujete sa decom? AS sa direktnim letom i bez maltretiranja je za te datume 230e
      Preracunajte sve pa vidite sta vam se vise ispalti? Lep pozdrav

    5. Anonymous15:54

      Light snack and small bottle of water is fine for short flights of up to two hours when BoB is available. LH and A3 are on the wrong side, all airlines will move to no free food model over time. It's a sure bet.

      Prepaid hot meals are a trend but Air Serbia Catering does not deliver at competitive level. Cut them lose and hire a third party to do it at world class level in terms of quality, variety and presentation.

    6. Anonymous16:27

      A 15:50

      Ово је тачно, али CRL-TSR може бити алтернатива у случају да су цене скупе са АSL...

    7. Anonymous18:52

      @ Anon 14:10
      I don't understand such nonsense comment as "insulting 250ml of water", like you never really fly on some airline. Most airlines will serve you water in a cup, if you want more, go and ask.

    8. Anonymous18:58

      Those who think this 250€ to Brussels is outrageous should be reminded that few month ago, Slovenian government, through public bid, has purchased tickets for LJU-BRU for approximately 450€ per return ticket :)

    9. Anonymous21:29

      Anon 18:52.

      Nobody insulted the water. I just said it is for children because it reads "Junior", that´s all.
      At least they can provide a standard one or 330ml but not 250ml.
      Imagine a July afternoon with 250ml......

    10. Anonymous22:01

      Imagine no water at all in Wizzair. Imagine one poured cup of less than 200ml in Lufthansa. Naziv Junior ti smeta? Za tebe predlazem specijalno pakovanje: Cepidlaka

    11. Anonymous23:30

      There is no single airline in the world giving complimentary bottle of 330ml.
      Have you ever used some airline?

    12. Anonymous00:13

      Using water in colourful bottles for children is unacceptable for a legacy airline like ASL, on my opinion.
      Ok, nobody asked for Évian but come on...Junior with coloured letters?

      Everyone has an opinion.

    13. Anonymous00:36

      Except that your opinion is irrelevant as your posts show lack of basic aviation industry knowledge. Air Serbia is the only airline in ExYu region making service changes in line what most of the world is doing. In that context you had no relevant input but your uncontained hate for Air Serbia had to find some negative outlet. Your attempt to turn bottle label into a negative opinion of Air Serbia service is truly laughable and pathetic.

  11. Anonymous16:50

    Neko je spreman da plati 50-ak evra vise da ne bi putovao ceo dan plus prelazak granice i jos jednu pasosku kontrolu i to je to. Nervira me to sto neki Wizz ovde predstavljaju kao da je bogom dan a AS je nekakva azdaja koja pljacka sirote ljude.

    1. Anonymous17:21

      Mozda neki ljudi rade protiv interesa Er Srbije, jednostavno rade za konkurenciju itd.

  12. Anonymous18:04

    Mozda? :) Sto se mene tice,ne da radim za neku kompaniju nego nikad nisam ni uso u avion ali se trudim da uvek budem objektivan. I ne krijem da bi voleo da AS uspe i postane profitabilna bez pomoci drzave jer je domaca kompanija.

  13. Anonymous21:22

    I don't get it. On the website it says that food to JFK in Y is free:
    Na meniju:

    Dostupno bez nadoknade

    Prvo posluženje - izbor od dva topla obroka
    Drugo posluženje - sendvič
    Posluženje besplatnih napitaka iz bara, uključujući vino, pivo, žestoka pića, gazirana pića, bezalkoholna pića i tople napitke

    So why to offer additional meals for pre-order??

    I think that a mini package with about 10 pieces of "ribice" is really offensive, They should skip the free bottle of water (that's really wasted money) and offer 1 or 2 or free drink services during the flight and some decent sanwich- or nothing at all. Bit this strange mix is typical for Air Serbia- no clue about anything....

    1. Nemjee08:13

      I don't think they will be gone, they will need something to set them apart from their competition and drinks/snacks are a good way to do it.
      OK, BT and JP are/were all struggling airlines so they cut costs left and right trying to save a few bucks. Look at Aegean which is based in bankrupt Greece. Why didn't they go BoB? They didn't have to because they have a business model with which they can make money. Like I wrote above, onboard product isn't causing airlines to lose money, lack of vision and consistency is.

    2. Anonymous09:06

      Ne pominjite A3, sad imate Nemjeja na vratu! Idzijan je super, nemoj neko da ih dira!

    3. Nemjee19:23

      Слободно напиши где нисам у праву, у супротном твој је крајње бесмислен коментар.


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