Airlines nominate Zagreb Airport for award


Airlines have nominated Zagreb Airport, as well as the Croatian National Tourist Board, for this year's Routes Europe Marketing Award, which recognises the outstanding marketing support that airports and destinations provide to their airline partners. Carriers were asked to nominate organisations based on the marketing services that have supported the successful launch of new routes or the development of existing ones over the past twelve months. Zagreb was nominated in the category for airports handling under four million passengers and will compete against Chisinau, Billund, Kalamata and Antwerp, while the Croatian National Tourist Board was nominated in the destinations category alongside Vilnius Tourism, Sevilla Tourist Board, Tampere Region and the Vienna Tourist Board. The awards ceremony will take place during the Routes Europe networking event on April 9 in Hannover, with the overall winner to be automatically shortlisted for the World Routes 2019 Marketing Awards in Adelaide, Australia in late September.


  1. Anonymous13:38

    Well if ZAG doesn't win when their competition is Chisinau, Billund , Kalamata and Antwerp then we should all commit a harakiri.

  2. Anonymous15:11

    Winners should be selected based on achieved results. Sevilla grew 25%, Vilnius 30%, Vienna added 2,6 million passengers. CNTB could not help ZAG grow faster than SPU and is far behind other cities.

    1. Anonymous23:06

      All those airports owe their growth to something Zagreb does not have - LCCs. ZGTB supports TK instead.


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