Aviolet boosts Africa charters


Air Serbia's dedicated charter brand Aviolet will boost its presence in Africa this summer season, with a total of three routes. The airline will maintain charters to Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt, as well as Enfidha in Tunisia. The expansion in Egypt will come alongside the introduction of Air Serbia's scheduled two weekly service between the Serbian capital and Cairo this June. "The biggest number of charter flights this summer season are planned to tourist destinations in Turkey and Greek island destinations. Also planned for this year are charter flights from Banja Luka to Athens and Antalya", the company said. Aviolet is expected to operate a record number of charters this summer, carrying over 100.000 passengers.


  1. Anonymous10:34

    Lepe cifre

  2. Anonymous10:47

    Aviolet needs to increase its fleet by at least another aircraft.
    Otherwise there will be a lot of delays this Summer season.

    Just my2cents

    1. Anonymous11:03

      Predpostavljam da ce uvesti vise nocnih cartera i to moze biti resenje problema

  3. Anonymous10:55

    How many 737's will be operational this season?

  4. Anonymous11:03

    Sadly, Morocco is not included in the list. Agadir, Fez, Essaoiura, Casablanca, Tangier.

    Also Ras el Khaimah in UAE is badly needed.

    1. Anonymous11:11

      Maybe when Morocco lifts VISA requirements for Serbian citizens ...

  5. Anonymous15:20

    I nearly 40 year old aircraft, no thanks!

    1. Nemjee15:27

      Last summer all Egypt flights were operated with A319s.

    2. Anonymous15:38

      40, 40 but the classic 737s are a powerhorse. Those are the real aircraft not falling from the sky 6 months after they are built. The same goes for the mighty ATR-42 and 72 series.
      But, Aviolet can really consider Embraer in the future. It has a remarkable safety record.

    3. Anonymous19:18

      Why should they go with Embraer when they can use some Airbus?
      Consistent with a rest of fleet, easier maintenance, same pilots like for the rest of fleet,

    4. Anonymous13:48

      Perhaps better with brand new 737 8MAX?

  6. Anonymous08:27

    EX-YU, February 27th :

    "Air Cairo to launch new Belgrade service"

    Nothing stated in the article will materialize, they are banned to fly more than five times a week to Hurghada, and there won't be flights to Sharm El Sheikh. Similar happening for Almasria Airlines.


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