Banja Luka Airport registers strong growth


Banja Luka Airport added over 7.000 passengers in February compared to the same month last year. It welcomed 7.805 travellers through its doors, up 988.6% on 2018. The number of aircraft movements stood at 122. During the first two months of the year, Banja Luka Airport handled 16.643 passengers, representing an improvement 766.8%. It recently outlined some of its growth plans for 2019, which include the introduction of new routes, as well as infrastructure developments.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN8.838 634.7
FEB7.805 988.6


  1. Anonymous14:09

    Well, BNX now generates 4% of ZAG traffic!!
    BNX: 7805
    ZAG: 181.154

    BNX can be considered CRL where ZAG is BRU. Something like this.

    In other words, Zagreb South.

    Or FMM - MUC
    or HHN - FRA

    And Russian flights have not even started. The perctange will increase up to 7%.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Or Sarajevo North.
      Or Tuzla West.
      Zadar East maybe?

  2. Anonymous16:12

    Zagreb South?
    ZAG traffic? What is wrong with you???

    Her is post for BNX and great job BNX!

  3. Anonymous16:23

    Nice. Hope they reach 200.000 this year.

  4. Anonymous22:37

    Evo još najava...

  5. Anonymous22:50

    988% from nothing to great result!

  6. I like the comparaison with BRU ans CRN. However the distance beetween Zagreb and Banja Luka stands at 184 kms. Another question is thé rentrer a car offers. Last time I checked, prices where astronomical. Hopefully they will follow the airport development unless it's only Gasto who don't really need to rent a car...

    1. Anonymous00:43

      There are currently pensions in BNX for 18€ double, private room less than 2km away from the airport. Same ones in ZAG are literally double the price.
      This says everything.

  7. Anonymous07:48

    Is there a bus line to the city?

    1. they have something in collaboration with Smiljić Tours


      there is a shuttle bus from bnx to city center and back. Every flight is covered. Operated ba Smiljic tours


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