Belgrade Airport to host night-time runway race


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport will hold its second annual night-time runway race on June 1, following last year's success. The BEG RunwayRun will start at 01.00 local time with up to 1.000 participants to take part. Registration for the race will open on April 15 and last until May 15, although applications will be closed if the 1.000 limit is reached beforehand. The competitive event is open to both locals and foreigners. All participants will be subject to security checks. The race will include a total of three laps streching over five kilometres, with both the runway and parallel taxiway to be used. The General Manager of VINCI Airports Serbia, Nicholas Brus, said, "This is very important for VINCI Airports Serbia as a responsible company to show its commitment to the local community.  We hope to make this race an annual and traditional event".


  1. Anonymous16:25

    Is W6 the sponser of this event ¿

    Otherwise it seems it was fun last year

    1. Anonymous16:41

      No. Air Serbia is one of several sponsors.

  2. JU520 BEGLAX22:18

    If we manage to registrate, we will be there

  3. Anonymous08:48

    Seems fun. What happens in these cases if there is an emergency landing?

    1. Anonymous08:50

      A NOTAM is issued during the race until 4AM so Belgrade can't be used.


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