British Airways ups Ljubljana capacity


British Airways has upgraded equipment on its planned new two weekly seasonal service from London Heathrow to Ljubljana, which is scheduled to commence on July 15. The carrier will offer an additional 76 seats per flight by deploying the Airbus A321 aircraft on the route, which has the capacity to seat 220 passengers. It initially planned to operate the smaller A319 jet. The service is set to run until September 2, however, as previously reported, the airline will consider extending its flights if they prove successful. Further details can be found here.


  1. Anonymous10:54

    Upgrading from A319 to A321 at once clearly shows demand.

    Speedbird is a very good airline, no matter what they say.
    Check out their AMAZING retro livery:

    Anyway, good for LJU to be connected to a prestigious, legacy airline.

  2. Anonymous10:56

    Wow, thats's surprising, considering W6 and U2 fly to 3 other aiports in London. Congrats!

  3. Anonymous16:59

    A bit OT

    What is the reason BA doesnt fly to BEG when theres such a strong demand?
    And why Serbia doesn’t use the reciprocity in a visa regime with the UK?

    1. Anonymous06:18

      What interest does Serbia have in making it difficult for British nationals to visit?

    2. Anonymous14:52

      Same interest as UK making it difficult for Serbians to visit.

    3. Anonymous16:47

      So your thinking is tit for tat, which doesn't help Serbia. But at least we would show those British ... right on dude.

      Serbia needs all the tourists, investments, and any foreign travelers it can get. And this is regardless of how difficult Britain makes it for Serbian Citizens to visit their country.

  4. Ovim sam ugodno iznenađen. Očito se svima isplati letit LJU-LON osim JP.


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