Flydubai upgrades Sarajevo equipment


Flydubai will deploy its newest aircraft type to Sarajevo this summer, with the airline to operate its Boeing 737 MAX 9 jet to the Bosnian capital. According to "Routesonline", the aircraft will be deployed on the Dubai - Sarajevo service ten times per week from June 1, reducing to seven weekly from June 28 until September 8, after which it will again utilise the standard Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Flydubai will serve Sarajevo up to three times per day this summer. The airline's B737 MAX 9 jets have the capacity to seat 172 passengers, with sixteen lie-flat seats in business class and the remaining 156 in economy. It will mark the first time Flydubai will feature its new business and economy class product on the Sarajevo service. Currently, both Belgrade and Zagreb are served by Flydubai's B737 MAX 8 jets, while the airline took delivery of the MAX 9 version last week. Since then, it has been operating flights from Dubai to Dar es Salam, Zanzibar, Muscat, Bahrain and Bucharest.

Flydubai B737 MAX business class

Flydubai B737 MAX economy class


  1. Anonymous13:50

    Excellent job, SJJ! Putting other airports right behind.
    Excellent achievement!

    1. Anonymous15:19

      HAHAHAHAHAH made my day :)

    2. Anonymous18:48

      SJJ and OTP are the only airports in the Balkans to be served by the Max 9.
      For the first time SJJ is really something ahead of the rest.
      Yes, it's not 380 but one of the most modern aircraft in the world.

      Good luck, BiH .

    3. Anonymous19:16

      Wrong. Both ZAG and BEG have MAX on their routes. Not saying anything bad about Sarajevo though :)

    4. Anonymous22:52

      Yes, but ZAG and BEG have the Max 8 and not the 9.
      Big difference, mon ami.

      Deploying such aircraft only improves the aviation climate of an airport.

    5. Anonymous22:57

      Big difference? The difference is 6 seats i.e one row.

    6. Anonymous05:14

      And BEG and ZAG have more frequencies ie much more capacity overall. We can play this “mine is bigger than yours” game till kingdom come...

    7. Anonymous05:54

      It´s not about quantity but rather quality.

    8. Anonymous09:33

      The quality is exactly the same on all FlyDubai flights.

    9. Dude is trolling big time.

      Or is delusional.

  2. Anonymous14:53

    Bravo Sarajevo! Not even ATH or IST can dream of reaching this achievement. A truly successful airport!

    1. Anonymous14:57

      Are you for real?

    2. Anonymous15:56

      No, he’s making fun of the first comment.

    3. Anonymous18:16

      Ovdje neki imaju nerealna ocekivanja sta uprava aerodroma moze uraditi. Aviokompanije donose glavnu odluku, a ne aerodrom. Tri leta dnevno iz jedne destinacije je super posao za mali aerodrom.

    4. Anonymous20:43

      Da je uprava razumna taj mali aerodrom ne bi bio tako mali ;)

    5. Anonymous21:05

      To je upitno...osim ako bi se subvencije placale ili usluge skoro gratis davale, kao sto rade drugi. A sada Sarajevo subvencionira razvoj drugih aerodroma...i budzet Federacije :-)

    6. Anonymous07:07

      Ne moraju dati subvencije, mogu dati popuste odredjenim avio-kompanijama koje zele leteti kada je miran period. Eto tako bi mogli privuci W6. Kazu im, dobijate 20% popust ako sletite u 18.00 i odletite u 18.35. Hoces, nece, ne moras.

    7. Zanimljivo.
      No, moze li ga SJJ opsluziti u tom i tom periodu?


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