Fraport Slovenia opens Ljubljana training centre


Airport operator Fraport has opened its new Aviation Academy facilities at Ljubljana Airport and has mandated its Slovenian subsidiary Fraport Slovenija to develop the business. It will allow the Fraport Group to expand its international training activities to meet the growing demand from clients, particularly in areas such as firefighting, emergency services, crisis management and ground handling. Established in 2016, the Academy is now well positioned to serve the international training market and expects to receive more than 500 participants at the training centre this year. The Fraport Aviation Academy Training Center features almost 1.500 square meters of space for classrooms, simulators and other specialised equipment, as well as outdoor areas for “live” practical training. Michael Muller, Fraport's Executive Board Member and Executive Director for Labour Relations, said, “More than ever, the aviation industry needs skilled staff to meet air traffic growth and other challenges. Our new Fraport Aviation Academy Training Centre takes us to the next level in delivering professional training to external clients as well as our Group employees worldwide”.

The new facility is valued at six million euros. “The new training facility represents an investment in growing and strengthening Fraport Slovenija's core business and Ljubljana Airport”, the Managing Director of Fraport Slovenija, Zmago Skobir, said. The Fraport Aviation Academy team already boasts over 100 professionals from the Fraport Group and key strategic partners, who together create a comprehensive learning program. The latest partners to join the Fraport Aviation Academy are Rosenbauer, a renowned manufacturer of firefighting equipment, and the Southern California Safety Institute (SCSI) - a leading provider of accident investigation and safety training services. They join the Academy’s partners from the Fraport Group, including the FTC Frankfurt fire training centre and Fraport Twin Star in Bulgaria. Slovenian partners include the Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation Board of Slovene Armed Forces (Ministry of Defence), Adria Flight School, Slovenia Control, the University of Maribor’s Faculty of Organisational Sciences, and Slovenia’s Training Centre for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief.


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    Now we need that new passenger terminal.

  3. Anonymous11:33

    Now we need some new connections in LJU. And the new terminal. And services for passengers using LJU.

  4. Wow. Sad će putnici navaliti zbog toga. Stvarno se isplatilo "privatizirati". Hvala gradu Frankfurtu i saveznoj zemlji Hessen, koji su vlasnici Fraporta, na ovolikoj darežljivosti


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