Hurghada - Niš service to launch this summer


An Egyptian carrier has filed for a permit with the Serbian Civil Aviation Directorate to launch flights between the resort town of Hurghada and Niš this summer season. As previously reported, the service is expected to operate twice per week. Traffic between Serbia and Egypt will grow significantly this year with Air Serbia introducing flights from Belgrade to Cairo, while Egypt Air's subsidiary Air Cairo will introduce scheduled two weekly services from Sharm El Sheikh to the Serbian capital and boost its existing year-round operations from Hurghada from five weekly to daily. The number of Serbian tourists visiting Egypt increased 144% in 2018 compared to the year before.


  1. Anonymous16:31

    This is unexpected. Do LJU, SJJ or ZAG have summer charters to Egypt?

    1. Anonymous16:32

      LJU - Adria
      ZAG - Egypt Air

    2. Anonymous16:41

      Egyptair has charter flights to Zagreb? Are you sure? They only operate flights from Cairo.

    3. Anonymous16:44

      Egypt Air does not fly to Zagreb anymore. It used to have some seasonal flights but they were discontinued.

    4. Anonymous09:06

      from LJU Adria and FlyEgypt all year to Hurghada, summer season FlyEgypt also to Sharm

  2. Anonymous16:46

    I can't wait to see the schedule. This is soooo fantastic, such an exotic route. I think they are also negotiating with BNX.

  3. Anonymous16:54

    Great news INI!!!
    Finally a leisure destination. Israel and Jordan are next.

    1. Anonymous09:24

      The ideal leisure destination for INI is CHQ. If fares are significantly lower than from BEG to CHQ many people would go from Belgrade region to Nis to fly there. Same is for RHO.


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