Laudamotion upgrades Split and Podgorica flights


Low cost carrier Laudamotion will upgrade its new flights between Stuttgart, Split and Podgorica to year-round operations next winter season. Both services, which are scheduled to commence from March 31, were initially to run only during the summer, but will now be extended past October 27. Flights to Split will operate three times per week and to Podgorica twice weekly, both during the summer and winter months. Laudamotion is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ryanair.


  1. Nice! so growth at SPU will be even bigger. They grew 14% in February.

  2. Excellent news for Podgorica. Nice to see.

  3. Lauda napada eurowings u splitu . u zimi izabrao iste dane letenja kao i eurowings sa jako malim vremenskim razmakom poljetanja..

  4. Really, really bad news for OS and especially YM. Yields will be trash in winter and one of those two will have to suffer.

  5. i expect them to try VIE-BEG/SKP and STR-BEG/SKP

  6. VIE-SPU by Lauda would be nice, just saying...

    1. Indeed, indeed - particularly year round!


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