Ljubljana maintains growth momentum


Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport has continued to see its passenger numbers grow by handling 105.470 travellers in February, representing an increase of 6.3%. The number of aircraft movements grew 9.2% to 2.417. Overall, during the first two months of the year, Slovenia's busiest airport welcomed 208.995 passengers through its doors, up 4.7%. Aircraft movements improved 5.3% to 4.926. Although Adria Airways plans to downsize its network from Ljubljana this summer, foreign carriers will increase either frequencies or capacity to the city, among which are Air France, Aeroflot and LOT Polish Airlines.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN103.525 3.1
FEB105.470 6.3


  1. Anonymous13:43

    ZAG 181,154
    SKP 130,497
    LJU 105,470

    Hmmm...gap is indeed narrowing.
    Well done LJLJ!

    1. Anonymous14:43


    2. Anonymous18:35

      Nesta ti matematika i nije jaca strana

    3. Anonymous13:36

      Pristina FEB 2019: 138,500

  2. Anonymous13:46

    Does anyone know how good the SXF route from easyJet is performing? Anyway, congrats Ljubljana. :)

    1. Anonymous13:55

      It seems to be doing well. U2 usually deploys the A319 on the route but sends the A320 too e.g. last Friday.
      Impossible for a city like Berlin no to work for any ex-Yu or former bloc state.
      Even INI and BHX are connected and their flights survived.

    2. Anonymous14:29

      It's performing well! LF is arround 80-85%.

    3. Anonymous14:30

      AF do not sending just E175, but also E190
      TK not just 320 but also 321
      SU sending also 320 (SU9)

      Charter 8Q with 320 1 time per week

      I'm not really sure but i think that JU send 737 (1 or 2 times in FEB)

    4. Anonymous15:04

      TK A321 for sure. It's become a regular guest in LJLJ.
      SU A320 is logic after JP stopped flights to SVO.

      Also worth mentioning that W6 will increase CRL-LJU from 2 to 3 weekly in summer!

    5. Anonymous15:13

      Great so number of flight increased more than the number of PAX, meaning that the flight were less occupied or smaller planes used.

    6. Anonymous15:24

      According to Fraport official date, aircraft movements are +5% YTD compared to last year.

  3. Anonymous15:37

    Wait for Adria to discontinue all those summer flights ... it will be scary for the airport.

    1. Anonymous15:59

      BA deploy A321 to LJU

    2. Anonymous16:04

      Absolutely true!

      Flight details
      Flight number
      BA 691
      Operated by
      British Airways
      Joze Pucnik
      Mon 15 July 2019, 21:20
      Heathrow (London)
      Mon 15 July 2019, 22:35
      Terminal 5
      Total journey time
      2 hours 15 minutes
      Aircraft type
      Airbus A321 jet
      All British Airways and alliance carriers operate non-smoking services.

      *Source is from BA.com

      It will be a good year for Ljubljana even without JP around.
      The London route seems to be doing much better than Zagreb.

    3. Anonymous18:23

      Considering this is the fourth London's airport Ljubljana is connected with! :)

    4. Anonymous18:37

      Like it should be. Like it should be...
      FR might even launch SEN-LJU given than it's a base.
      I will not dream of LJU-LCY operated by JP. But why not?

      LJU might reach 2 million this year pure organic traffic with no subsidies similar to other airports.

    5. Anonymous22:21

      LJU would need more than 10% growth this years in order to reach 2 mio pax, and at least in the first 2 months, this was not given - and with Adrias future looking uncertain... i wish i could share your optimism.

  4. Anonymous16:29

    I wish LJU all the best this year, I do hope for some new destinations in the near future perhaps BCN, ATH, FCO, MAD. We do not need long-haul flights just good connections within Europe, we have big hubs near by.

    1. Anonymous19:16

      +1000. Barcelona, Madrid and Rome would definitely work. Let´s hope U2, W6 or even FR is thinking this way, but with the airport management in the first place. New terminal will enable adding connections like these even more, but it would be good to have them as soon as possible.

  5. Anonymous18:55

    LJU will reach 2 million passengers this year, future looks good,this year we will get two new arilines, upraged routes/capacity even BA will be sending their a321s!! GO LJU!!

    1. 2 new airlines? I've heard only about British. Which is the second airline?

    2. Anonymous07:46

      This year will have the same number of pax as last year. Summer months will have negative growth compared to last year so it will even out.

    3. And JP sheds bunch of routes and frequencies. How exactly does the future look good?

    4. Anonymous10:58

      I am sure Fraport knows the situation and will bring other carriers, just let's hope for it to happen as soon as possible.


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