Niš Airport figures continue to decline


Niš Constantine the Great Airport has recorded its fifth consecutive month of declining passenger numbers. In February, it handled 23.651 travellers, representing a decrease of 15.6% on 2018. Overall, during the first two months of the year, the airport welcomed 48.872 passengers, down 12.4%. This January, Wizz Air discontinued its service from Malmo to the south-east Serbian city, although the route will be resumed in April. On March 31, Ryanair will discontinue its flights from Weeze. The Serbian government recently approved five million euros to subsidise the launch of ten new routes from Niš. City authorities must now identify the ten destinations which they deem are of public interest, after which an international tender will be launched to seek out potential operators.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN25.221 11.4
FEB23.651 15.6


  1. Anonymous10:38

    What is the deadline for identification of new ten destinations?

  2. Anonymous10:48

    New York and Chicago are of public interest.

    1. Anonymous11:06

      Let's be serious

      My guess is


    2. Anonymous11:14

      Haha, seriously.? Why is it more important for the PUBLIC to fly to any of the above instead of going to BEG and use the already available?

      It would be of public interest, if BEG and INI where connected, because there is noother means of reaching the capital etc. If you quote the above I do not see why any other route would match that crieria too.

    3. Anonymous11:21

      INI must be treated independently rather than linking it to the capital.

      People in TSR make fewer stops in OTP
      People in SKG make fewer stops in ATH

      People in INI need to have more non-stop routes and avoid the hassle of travelling and wasting so much time on the road. Simple.

    4. Anonymous11:27

      @anon 11:14

      The same question you can ask LX...Why do they fly to INI if they already have many weekly flights to BEG?

      I agree that connecting BEG and INI is the first task, but also people from Nis region should be offered direct connections as they have them now with LCC and LX.

      The cities I quote are based on Serbian diaspora, business and leisure activities

  3. Anonymous11:05

    Luckily Wizz Air is bringing MMX back. It never made sense to cut it.

  4. Anonymous11:11

    The good thing is that NO routes will be discontinued in winter 2019 by both W6 and FR.
    However, if KVO ever receives any flights then both BEG and INI will be affected.
    This will be a problem.
    On the other hand, INI has no chances to reach SKP as initially planned, but lets wait and see what happens. This might change in the future when the 10 new routes are launched.

    1. Nemjee11:15

      KVO has a good location as road infrastructure in that area is quite bad. Also, if anyone will be affected then it's the bus companies which are printing money especially on rides to northern Germany.

    2. Anonymous11:24

      I think the bus companies will not be affected as you will have even more choices to travel.
      People taking the bus usually have a lot of luggage which is expensive by plane.
      As you probably know, most gastos have a lot of stuff when they travel or visit the country for a short period to see their families.

    3. Anonymous11:29

      BEG will have more than 70 new weekly routes this summer and few possible flights from KVO would not affect BEG at all

    4. Nemjee12:08

      Yes but then again there is probably a portion of those passengers who have to take the bus because there are no flights from anywhere nearby. Then again low fares should stimulate demand.

    5. Anonymous14:19

      "... to reach SKP as initially planned."

      Brilliant! :)))))))

    6. Anonymous15:06

      What's so funny Anon 14:19?
      INI started from zero a couple of years ago, may I remind you.
      100% of the routes served are identical to SKP.

    7. Anonymous15:19

      The fact you're actually this question is even funnier :))))

      It's like you guys live in a parallel universe ..

    8. Anonymous15:21

      ^ *asking this question obv. I find it so funny I started dropping words :)

    9. Anonymous15:23

      Please don't generalise. 99% of people don't think like him.

    10. Anonymous15:58

      Well, I proudly represent myself of the 1%. A figure that was invented by you and you know that the percentage is much higher.
      And yet again, why so much envy when it comes to the growth of the airport?
      Competition is good!

    11. Anonymous17:54

      If INI would pour all the subsidies SKP has paid to W6, numbers would be identical if not better. Let me just remind you that population-wise Serbia is 4x larget than NM and INI is the only airport in the south. Do the math...

    12. Anonymous18:14

      SKP is all about pouring money.
      The organic traffic is around 700k. Just like TZL for example.
      INI current traffic is purely organic and based on the lower apt taxes.

  5. Anonymous11:37

    Is it Kraljevo airport a competition for Nis airport?

  6. Anonymous13:25

    Vinci contract applied. Nothing to see here, move along.

    1. Anonymous16:44

      Please explain in detail how Serbia has sabotaged INI in any way, I'm dying to know.

    2. Anonymous02:02

      Its easy to sabotage. Just do what Gov did. Take over the airport and put idiots on power.


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