PHOTOS: Croatia Airlines rolls out new livery


Croatia Airlines has applied its new-look colour scheme onto its first Airbus aircraft. In line with the carrier's drive to refresh its livery, the letters "Croatia" on the fuselage have become larger, making them more noticeable and recognisable, while the Croatian checkerboard symbol, featured on the tail, has been further extended down the body of the aircraft. In addition, the blue underbelly has now become white. This year the airline will tweak its livery on three Bombardier Dash 8-Q400 and three Airbus A319 aircraft. All six are expected to feature the new paint scheme by the end of the month. The second stage of the visual exterior modification is planned for next year when the refreshment will be made to the remaining members of the fleet: three Q400s, one A319 and two A320s. The original livery, introduced in 2004, was created by Ivanka Ivanković, who serves as the company's Head of Corporate Design.

Photos courtesy of Šime Lugarov

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  1. Anonymous10:41

    It's the same it was before except for white engines and blue line down...nothing special really.

  2. JU520 BEGLAX11:02

    Boring white as so many European carriers. Definitely a missed chance

    1. It will save some fuel $$$.

  3. Anonymous11:04

    Vrlo lijepo, I really like it. Extending the dots with Croatian flag is a very good idea, too.
    Thumbs up!
    Greets from Plovdiv.

  4. Anonymous11:09

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  5. Anonymous11:28

    I really like it. The blue was a bit too much. It is more elegant this way :)

  6. Anonymous12:05

    Meni je ovo odlično. Bolje od stare boje. Ona plava od ispod nikad mi se nije sviđala.

  7. Full time job as a Head of Corporate Design? Interesting...

  8. Nemjee13:46

    Even though it's not perfect I think it's still an improvement.

    1. Anonymous18:58

      What would you suggest? How it could be perfect? Just curious.

  9. Anonymous14:11

    Funeral outfit ;)

  10. Anonymous14:21

    Still waiting for the "frishki" comment. He will most likely comment typically his style even though the livery is much much better than the new LH or EI ones for instance.
    OU now symbolises Croatian pride with the flag and Zadar on.
    The Star Alliance logo adds to the sophistication and prestige of the brand.

    1. Anonymous15:04

      Prestige first, even when leading to bankrupcy.

    2. Anonymous18:48

      The flag, the coat of arms (Zadar), and the *Alliance logo are not new items, they were parts of "old" livery too.

  11. Anonymous15:55

    Reminds me of Casper The Ghost and a mummie, so fits the funeral or post mortem outfit well.
    They could indeed have been more "croative" and used the huge advertise space a airliner is to promote the airline and country, and which extra fuel consumption probably would have paid back in tourist revenue.
    But never the less, it's there to stay and I like the engines getting of the grey, as that didn't fit the previous LH wannabe livery either.

    1. Anonymous16:41

      This is just an impression or an optical illusion you are having.
      The photos were shot at night. The combination of black and white makes you judge it this way.
      Think blue...think daylight and your opinion will change.
      It is Croative, simple, straightforwarded and original. The Zadar coat of arms + EU flag both add much more details to the plane.

    2. Anonymous18:55

      Well, it's LH wannabe again, all white with tail graphic extended all the way down the fuselage. As expected from Croatia.

  12. Anonymous18:40

    And they have decided to reveal the livery on a night photo. What a bunch of amateur „experts“!

  13. Anonymous19:03

    Nothing special indeed, but I like the white on the belly. Lack of fantasy anyway, very conservative as the country.

  14. Anonymous19:31

    It's all a matter of taste. We have seen far worse liveries.

    New EI, cheap-cargo-company livery:

    B2 have a very boring and lifeless one too:

    Previous one much better!

  15. They should've kept the blue underneath and added red on top with Croatia written in the middle in huge braided letters (Croatian braid of course) and a bunch of random glagolitic text all over the place. On the engines they should've put Croatian coat of arms and drawn a necktie on the wings - upper and lower side naturally. What a missed opportunity...meh. ;)

  16. Anonymous15:37

    Why CA doesn't paint blue lower part anymore? It's a shame


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