Tuzla Airport figures decline


Tuzla Airport has seen its passenger numbers decline for a fifth consecutive month as it handled 30.658 travellers in February, down 14.8% on 2018. The number of aircraft movements stood at 196. The dip in numbers comes as a result of Wizz Air which has discontinued flights from Bosnia and Herzegovina's third largest city to Billund, Baden Baden, Stockholm Skavsta and Vaxjo over the winter season. So far this year, Tuzla Airport welcomed 66.999 passengers through its doors, down 12.5% on last year.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN36.341Decrease 10.4
FEB30.658Decrease 14.8


  1. Anonymous10:40

    Wow. This is bad. Were they getting subsidies for these flights?

    I think with European economy slowing down more and more smaller airports in teh region will suffer.

  2. Anonymous12:22

    were these routes cut because of operational reasons (to accomodate other bases) or because of economic reasons?

    1. Anonymous12:45

      It was already reported some time ago that it was due to economic reasons.

  3. Anonymous09:34

    Ask BNX airport for this pax drop with current 4 destinations Belgrade, Charlerroi-Brussels, Memmingen and Stockholm-Skavsta for this decline. Almost 20% passengers from BNX surroundings were traveled via Tuzla last year. In Apri l19 will introduce new BNX-Berlin line and Sarajevo- Berlin Tegel connection. I am deeply sorry but this is what happens.

  4. Anonymous12:55

    There was a news article by the swedish state television saying that Tuzla has the most populated air in Europe. Not good for tourism, although I think most passengers from Sweden are ex-Yugoslavs visiting family and relatives.


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