Chinese to exit Maribor Airport on July 15


The Chinese operator of Maribor Edvard Rusjan Airport, SHS Aviation, will end its concession on July 15. It comes after SHS announced in January it was cutting short its fifteen-year agreement to manage and devlop the airport. Despite not delivering on most of what it promised, including transforming Maribor Airport into a hub for Chinese tourists, the operator expressed its unhappiness with delays by the central government in adopting a zoning plan, which would allow it to begin its massive 660 million euro airport redevelopment project. SHS Aviation purchased the "Aerodrom Maribor" operator for seven million euros and was also obliged to pay an additional 100.000 euro concession fee each month, a condition it struggled to meet on a number of occasions. The Slovenian Ministry for Infrastructure said it was seeking a way for the airport to continue operating past July. "With regard to the continued operation of the airport after the expiration of the concession, discussions and coordination are in progress to find the most appropriate solution", the Ministry said in a statement.


  1. Anonymous10:40

    Chinese in Europe epic failures:

    1. Maribor Airport
    2. Hahn Airport
    3. Plovdiv Airport
    4. Ciudad Real Airport (Spain)

    Thank God, Belgrade Airport was given to the French.

    1. Anonymous19:28

      You can also add Lubeck the list of failures.

    2. Anonymous19:48

      Thanks, had absolutely no clue about Lübeck. The Chinese company "PuRen Germany GmbH" went bankrupt and the airport is currently with no flights :D

    3. Anonymous07:17

      Add also Schwerin-Parchim Airport SZW that was run down by Chinese investment companies who took over the airport in 2007.

  2. Anonymous10:43

    Good riddance

  3. Observer11:12

    So, SHS Aviation (Chinese or otherwise, it's not relevant), paid a one-off 7,000,000 EUR and monthly 100,000 EUR fees since they took over the airport? If so, did Maribor/Slovenia have any obligations towards SHS Aviation, otherwise they got one hell of a deal considering that MBX was extremely unlikely to turn a 7 million Euro profit during this period, let alone the 100,000 Euro monthly fee to operate it.

    1. Anonymous12:34

      The Chinese payed 7 mio € to "Delavska hranilnica" savings bank, former owner of "Aerodrom Maribor", the operator of the airport. Under Chinese the Aerodrom Maribor won the concession for 15 years as it was also the only bidder. Slovenian government expected rom the bidders at least 92,000 € rent per month. Therefore it was logical that no other bidder was interested. It is unknown where SHS Aviation (read: the Chinese) got the money to pay 100,000 € rent per month.


    2. Anonymous14:55


  4. Anonymous16:05

    Only good news about Slovenian aviation recently...

  5. Anonymous17:23

    Forgive my ignorance but does this mean that whilst the Chinese have reneged on the concession fees they still own the airport, and require another concessionaire for it in theory to operate?

  6. Izgleda na ovim prostorima sve što ima veze sa SHS ne može da uspe hehe


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