Emirates chief visits Sarajevo


The Chairman and CEO of Emirates, Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, is attending the Sarajevo Business Forum, the largest investment conference in Southeast Europe, organised annually in the Bosnian capital. The conference, which began yesterday, will see Mr Al Maktoum attend the event for the third time following his vists in 2010 and 2017. His previous visits proved instrumental in the launch of Flydubai's services from Dubai to Belgrade, Skopje, Sarajevo and Zagreb. The Sarajevo Business Forum will gather almost 2.000 participants, linking up institutional and private investors from all over the world with businesspeople and project developers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. This year, large delegations from Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Libya, Kuwait, and Oman are also in attendance. On Wednesday, the Saudi-backed start-up FlyBosnia was awarded "New business of the year" by the Forum. "This award acknowledges the significant investment, effort and dedication on the part of the shareholders and team at FlyBosnia. We are all extremely proud of our achievements and most appreciative of the formal recognition. We continue to work tirelessly towards full launch, where we will aim to connect the people and the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, via direct, affordable flights to select destinations in Europe and the Middle East", the airline's CEO, Chris Gabriel, said.


  1. Anonymous10:30

    Seasonal DXB-SJJ make the most sense in ex-YU given how much demand there is to the Middle East.

  2. Anonymous10:38

    If EK ever decide to upgrade SJJ-DXB from FZ to EK, this will really add to the prestige of the country.
    Why not operate both carriers just like they do in BUD or simply send 2 B773 instead of 3 B738?

    1. Anonymous11:01

      Dosao covek na cevape.

    2. Anonymous11:31

      Even if they don't upgrade to EK, Fz is doing amazing job. Currently, compared to star alliance load factor, they are miles ahead. Every day since the summer schedule started they are doing 160+ pax per flight daily.

    3. Anonymous13:38

      "If EK ever decide to upgrade SJJ-DXB from FZ to EK, this will really add to the prestige of the country."

      You cannot add to something that doesn't exist.

  3. Anonymous23:09

    What about Pristina? why EK or FZ are not operating to Pristina like other destinations in Balkan! You guys know Pristina is a top destination in ex-yu more then Sarajevo!

    1. Anonymous23:49

      I prefer EK to open service PRN operate seasonal DXB-PRN-JFK-PRN-DXB
      at least 2x a week for the Summer season diaspora.

      EK you can do it don't miss it hurry.

    2. Anonymous00:20

      Kosova is now part of Germany just like many other Yugo places.
      SJJ was always a popular destinations for Arabs. Wherever you go, people know Sarajevo only because of its name. It doesn't need introduction. This is the difference.

    3. Anonymous09:56

      "You guys know Pristina is a top destination in ex-yu more then Sarajevo!" LOOOOL, what kind of "top destination"? Pristina Airport has more pax than Sarajevo because it is the only airport in the country, plus Kosovo is so much more isolated traffic-wise than Bosnia, so it makes more sense to fly there, plus the huge Albanian diaspora from Kosovo. Are you seriously saying that Pristina is a bigger tourist destination than Sarajevo!? Dont be ridiculous...

  4. What is the runway length in SJJ? Can 777 land and take-off with MTOW?

    1. Anonymous00:34

      It is long enough even a 124 has already landed at Sarajevo


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