Jet2 to launch Zadar flights in 2020


Low cost carrier Jet2 will launch operations to Zadar in 2020. The airline will introduce two weekly flights from London Stansted and Manchester to the Croatian city from May 24. Jet2 will compete directly against Ryanair on both routes. Zadar will become the airline's fourth destination in Croatia. Currently, the carrier maintains seasonal flights to Dubrovnik, Split and Pula. Further details for the London Stansted - Zadar service can be found here, while additional information for the Manchester flight can be viewed here.


  1. Zadar could reach a million in 2020

  2. They should launch these to Zagreb as well!!!

    1. They cannot just launch the route There are two sides needed to start the route, the airline, and the airport. Zadar is attracting airlines by low taxes. ZAG is keeping taxes ridiculously high and in that way distrusting airlines. Couple of years ago, when Ljubljana and Beograd were opened, Transavia wanted to open ZAG as well and held talks and finally decided against the move because ZAG wouldn't lower taxes. And Transavia is not the only example. There are many. The basic principle of modern economy - big numbers - low fares - big profits is something what ZAG
      needs to learn. Maybe in some distant future.

    2. distracting, blocking, preventing, not distrusting

  3. Hello all! Is this route available from May 24 2020? not from this May (2019)??

  4. Very interesting.......Thanks for the share


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