Montenegro Airlines posts strong Q1 results


Montenegro Airlines handled 87.569 passengers during the first quarter of the year, representing an increase of 4.5% compared to the same period in 2018. The number of operated flights stood at 1.229, up 4.2%. The cabin load factor averaged 61%, which is on par with last year's result. The highest average cabin occupancy was registered on the Podgorica - Belgrade service at 76%, while loads grew eight points to 65% on flights to Paris. "This is a remarkable achievement given the fact that flights were operated during winter season", the company said in a statement. The airline added the most passengers on its Tivat - Belgrade service by handling an extra 1.418 travellers, followed by its Podgorica - Ljubljana route, which saw an additional 1.068 passengers, and the Podgorica - Rome line, which managed to improve by 1.048. "According to advanced bookings, the positive business trends will continue in the coming period, with expectations for a successful summer season and 660.000 passengers to be handled by year's end", Montenegro Airlines said.


  1. The England away fans certainly helped to push some of these routes. There were like 2000 in Podgorica.

  2. if that's a good LF then i dont know

  3. This cannot survive on an L/F of 61% when it should be 72% +

  4. TGD-LJU so popular? Why?
    I think LJU has some hidden gem destinations. that need to be discovered.

    1. Good prices, nice weather. I’d much rather take a 1h flight to Tivat than drive 5h (like unfortunately so many that still do) to the Dalmatian coast in Croatia.

  5. Pumpaju pricu kako im je dobro. A prave gubitke. Pokusaj da se proda kompanija.

  6. U sustini,imaju donacije drzave....nista od rezultata MGX-nije tacno,vec je u pitanju kreativno kngovodstvo(uzimaju pare od aerodroma-njih finansiraju asrodromi cg)

  7. Load factor is useless information without knowing the achieved price per ticket. I'm seeing recently JU flights to LHR with LF of 50%, but you cannot find the ticket with baggage for a price below EUR 340. Few years ago, you would see usually LF of 70-75% on the same route, but the ticket price started at EUR 179 for promotional fares. There is also a fuel price factor, but that is not so dramatic in this case.


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