Podgorica Airport plans terminal expansion


Podgorica Airport plans to expand its terminal building and increase capacity. In the first phase of its expansion project, the airport plans to add some 12.500 square metres to its 7.900 square metre terminal building. The additional capacity will be built to the northern side of the existing facility. The second phase of the project, which would commence after 2020, will include the construction of an additional 12.500 square metres of space on the western side of the building. The first phase will also involve the expansion of the apron, general aviation apron, car park and taxiways. The expansion project is likely to begin towards the end of the year.

Podgorica Airport following first phase of expansion


  1. Anonymous13:49

    When is the privatisation process supposed to start?

    1. Anonymous18:22

      It's been delayed over and over. Conflict between governing parties about concession.

  2. Anonymous12:53

    What's the latest date when we could expect the process to start?


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