SMATSA hiring Morava Airport controllers


The Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency (SMATSA) is seeking to train five air traffic controllers who will be based at Kraljevo's Morava Airport, which is due to open on June 28. SMATSA will cover the costs of training for successful candidates. Commenting on the airport's much-delayed opening, the Serbian Minister for Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Zorana Mihajlović, said recently, "Everything should be ready by June 28 so the airport will be capable of handling ATR and Boeing 737 aircraft. From its opening in late June, until the end of this year, we expect several carriers to introduce flights. We will also work on developing cargo traffic at Morava Airport". Full details and conditions for the air traffic control post can be found here (in Serbian).


  1. Anonymous14:21

    It's good to have ambitions, but Serbia will end up paying dearly for the regional airport issues.
    With the new INI subsidies and most likely KVO will follow, those new flights won't come for free.
    I think it would have been wiser to have a 50/50 share e.g. 5 new routes from INI and 5 from KVO.
    28th June is only 2 months away. Not sure which carrier(s) except JU will quickly organise such flights.

  2. Anonymous17:00

    Is there any work in progress? The runway must be lengthened and widened, and it is quite a lot work.

  3. Anonymous18:38

    Is there any news on the upcoming routes and their corresponding carriers/dates?

    If I recall correctly, there was a rumour about a possible FRA - KVO route, although HHN - KVO seems much more plausible.

    1. Anonymous19:09

      I expect we should hear from China today or tomorrow about the new service from China to Serbia. It is unlikely but it would be great to have triangle flight with BEG-KVO-China. From Morava Airport tourist could visit Kopaonik and other natural wonders.

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