Wizz joins alliance against unruly passengers


Low cost carrier Wizz Air, which boasts bases in Skopje, Belgrade and Tuzla, among others, has joined “Not on my Flight”, a new campaign launched by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in order to reduce the number of unruly passengers on all European flights and protect the passenger’s right to a peaceful travel experience. Smooth operations of a number of flights in Europe are disrupted by passengers displaying unruly behaviour. At least 70% of these incidents involve some form of aggression. Although the number of incidents on Wizz Air flights have been steady in the past years, due to the airline’s strict rules, the aviation industry in 2018 has experienced an increase of unruly behaviour of 34% when compared to 2017. Even though the number of unruly passengers is very small considering the total number of people flying, the impact of their actions can have a disproportionate impact both on the smooth operation of the flight and on fellow passengers. Disruptive behaviour, such as excessive drinking and intoxication, smoking in the lavatory, verbal or physical violence towards the crew or fellow passengers or not complying with the crew’s instructions, introduces an unnecessary risk to the normal operation of a flight by distracting the crew from its duties, and might also lead to significant delays. 

Wizz Air’s Corporate Communications Manager, Andras Rado, said, "Every passenger and crew member has the right to a safe flight, free of verbal or physical abuse. Travelling should be an enjoyable experience where passengers treat each other and the cabin crew with resect. Last year, 34 million people chose Wizz Air’s low fares and with our ever-growing network, we cannot let a tiny minority to spoil the enjoyable cabin experience of so many respectful and courteous customers. That is why we have decided to join this great initiative by EASA, and we also urge our passengers to join our efforts by sharing #notonmyflight on their social media profiles".


  1. Anonymous14:22

    The issue is by far exaggerated. What a stupid ad.

    1. Anonymous15:36

      Definitely. Nobody in the Balkans has ever smoked on the aircraft when everybody clearly says it's not allowed.

    2. Anonymous17:18

      Maybe it's a bit too much, but not far from the truth.
      There were people going to bathroom during landing and seatbealts on signs!
      What the crew should do with that kind of behaviour?

    3. Anonymous17:27

      Hit the passengers with a baseball bat! Trust me, they won't make the same mistake twice.

    4. Anonymous22:36

      Yes boarding last for ever, selfishness with balkan people who beleive everybody is theretforthem, smoking in wc, walking and ordering dring on take off.. YesYit is true my folks, you are uncivilised.bunch

    5. BA88809:09

      @First comment:

      Lack of air travel experience?

      When was the last time you were on medium to long haul flight with a bunch of drunk morons on stag/hen do?

      Probably never?

  2. Anonymous14:26

    Yeah, we should all board dead and sterile so there's no risk of incidents or emotions. How about incidents and unruly behaviour by the cabin crew, gate agents, security screening and so on?

    The only way to have 0% unruly passengers is either to transport dead or cargo.

    1. Anonymous14:27

      Lol looks like you feel called out.

  3. Anonymous14:28

    This initiative is pointless.

  4. Anonymous15:37

    That's what happens when Wizz offers 19 eur flights to people that were used to bus travel from small town in Eastern Europe: if I could drink my own beer on a bus, why can't I do it on a plane?

  5. Anonymous15:47

    What a waste of money.

  6. Anonymous16:01

    Simply avoid Wizz and fly an airline with more class and prestige.

    1. Anonymous16:28

      Totally agree with you!
      If you compare Wizz with Easyjet on BSL-INi/BEG what a huge difference. The Wizz cabin so dirty and i a bad shape, the crew so unmotivated and miserable. The homepage with the stupid checkin procedure! Just avoid Wizzair!!!

    2. Anonymous17:13

      I agree, they are the worst and as time goes by they seem to be getting more and more ghetto. I can't remember when was the last time JU had a diversion or an arrest because someone misbehaved.

    3. Anonymous17:15

      And when was the last time you flew with Wizz Air and had a diversion or an arrest because someone misbehaved?

    4. Anonymous17:20

      He has never flown with Wizz Air but he knows its the worst and ghetto. LOL.

    5. Anonymous17:28

      I've flown with Wizz Air and had drunk passengers onboard. Have you every flown with them from Poland?!

    6. Anonymous17:37

      People in Poland are heavy drinkers. Just because it happened to you once, doesn't mean it applies all the time.
      I flew with W6 at least 40 times and not 1 sole issue with "agressive" behaviour or drunken people. The worst is when you have a very fat person next to you or one that snores, that's it.

      This ad makes Europe look like US which is not the case. The US today has degraded so much as a country, especially its airlines.

      Here are some unbelievable stories:


      This will never happen in Europe, never!

    7. Anonymous17:47

      Wow 40 times on Wizz Air? I am sorry to hear that.

    8. Anonymous17:50

      Yep, if the schedule and price suit me what's the problem? I am their client since 2006.
      I pay membership and fly for less. If you don't like them, you have other choices :)

  7. Anonymous17:55

    When your child will work as Cabin Crew and a drunk idiot is threatening her that he is going to kill her, and call her a stupid bitch, than you will have diffediff opinion. I can't understand that somebody is supporting unruly behaviour. Don't forget that on this blog, there was an article that an Easy Jet( balkan routh) diverted after a passenger hit the cabin crew, because they were out of chicken sandwiches.
    And yes, I expect that everybody will follow the instructions, no meter if the price is cheep, or you are coming from your mountain village.

    1. Anonymous18:22

      As you know, LCC connect villages so it's normal to expect such a low class behaviour.
      The less you pay, the more arrogant. Paying 30 squid for ticket makes them think they are the kings of the Mambo.

  8. Anonymous18:11

    The ad/campaign is maybe too much, but sadly fits several experiences on Wizz and other flights, including heavy alcohol, non smoking, seating, product discussions and walking around even though seatbelt sign is on, especially during take off and landing, where long taxi is a test for anyone's patience, especially the smokers and nervous "water melon route" participants.
    But unfortunately also fits the behaviour of to time uneducated and frustrated staff at the airports and planes, where they together with the to time special/different and not so transparent airline policies, penalties and over charges contribute to many passengers behaviour and frustrations even before entering the plane.
    Funny enough, they forgot this aspect here and blame the passengers only, instead of using some of these funds on educating the staff to minimize their contribution.
    All together a true reflection of human kind and culture as well business models, where we are focusing more on time and saving instead of helping and sharing those who need it, including the grandpa who is having his first flight in a bus with seatbelts and wings.

  9. Aha. Super. Neka. A tko štiti mene kad me LH bez obavijesti prebaci na drugi let i odbije isplatit odštetu koja mi ide prema pravilima a kad im citiram i copy-pasteam linkove na EU direktivu oni ni ne odgovore na email. Tko me štiti kad dobijem na aerodromu u CPH voucher za prehranu (na kojeg imam pravo zbog kašnjenja) u vrijednosti manjoj nego što dođe najjeftiniji sendvič? A kad se žalim handling agentu kažu da ne mogu ništa, jer imaju ovakve instrukcije od LH, a kad zovem LH kažu da oni samo prodajaju karte a reklamacije se rješavaju isključivo pismenim putem. Tko me štiti kad OS više od 3 mjeseca ne riješi moju žalbu? Tko me štiti, kad LH ne učini apsolutno ništa da unatoč kašnjenju ulovim connecting flight, a bio sam uredno čekiran itd. Odgovor: pa imamo x putnika, ne možemo svakog za ruku. Tko štiti nonu koja sa svojih 1,60m pokušava staviti torbu u pretinac dok stujardesa čačka po mobitelu?
    Ja s jednim avioputovanjem mjesečno ne bih sebe opisao kao nekakvog frequent flyera. Ali u posljednjih 10g nisam doživio ni na avionu ni u aerodromu putnika koji bi še ponašao nasilno, ali sam bome doživio pregršt bezobrazluka i nonšalancije od personala prema meni i ostalim putnicima

  10. Anonymous17:32

    There should be an alliance against unruly crew/staff! A lot of the time, it's their awful behaviour that provokes passengers that would otherwise not cause any problems.


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