Air Serbia - Air Baltic expand codeshare


Air Serbia and the Latvian flag carrier Air Baltic are expanding their codeshare coopeartion to include more destinations. The Riga-based airline has added its designator code and flight numbers onto Air Serbia's service between Belgrade and Zurich, while the codeshare will be further expanded next month on new routes from Belgrade to Helsinki (June 3) and Kiev (June 4). Air Serbia has reciprocated, adding its codes onto Air Baltic's flights between Riga and Zurich, which will be expanded to include services from the Latvian capital to both Helsinki and Kiev in June. The two carriers already codeshare on seven destinations.


  1. AirBaltic - the ugliest colours in the sky at the moment

    1. Anonymous12:57

      Have to disagree, their planes look very smart. Simple and elegant!

    2. Anonymous18:51

      i disagree

  2. Anonymous20:29

    Is there a chance to see the return of BT to Belgrade ¿

  3. Anonymous23:10

    It look like some people here are really jealous

  4. Anonymous14:46

    Its good that JU is improving connectivity to Riga, but should also look into expanding Tallinn & Vilnius connections. They have few direct flight, most of it is still going through Riga.


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