Air Serbia - Air Europa expand codeshare


Air Serbia and Spain's second largest airline Air Europa are expanding their codeshare cooperation to include more destinations. The Serbian carrier has added its designator code and flight numbers onto Air Europa's services from Madrid to A Coruna, Asturias, Bilbao, Ibiza, Lisbon, Palma de Mallorca, Seville, Tenerife North and Vigo. On the other hand, Air Europa will add its codes onto Air Serbia's upcoming flights from Belgrade to Barcelona and Madrid, launching June 4 and 5 respectively. The two carriers already have an extensive codeshare arrangement in place.


  1. Anonymous10:40

    Bravo Air Serbia!

  2. Anonymous10:41

    Would be nice if they launch flights to BEG and feed JU's regional network.

  3. Anonymous11:42

    Bravo Serbia!
    Bravo Spain!

  4. Anonymous14:57

    What are the chances Air Serbia joins SkyTeam? I believe they work closely with Alitalia as well.

    1. Anonymous18:11

      Their closest ties are with SkyTeam... From the outside perspective, they do not seem to have any true obstacle for not joining. RO is part of SkyTeam, hopefully that is not a problem

    2. Anonymous21:33

      Our region is covered by RO, they do not want any competition.

    3. Anonymous07:54

      Why then do you have Adria and Croatia Airlines as members of Star Alliance ? Their 2 hubs are even closer geographically than are Air Serbia's and Tarom's ... Moreover, it isn't up to Tarom to decide who enters the Skyteam club ... this will be up to AF, KL and Aeroflot as the biggest members in Europe.

    4. Anonymous08:35

      Hahahah RO ... hahahaha

      What does RO have? Nothing. JU's network is much superior.

    5. Anonymous09:46

      RO is a full member of Sky Team, that is what it has.
      So it can block a competing airline from southeastern Europe from becoming a member.

  5. Nice development.
    UX has been growing significantly in Madrid and is becoming a serious IB competitor, especially in the Latin American market, which is extremely dominated by IB.
    The same applies for the Iberian and Canary Islands destinations.
    For JU, this will be a great opportunity to hence the BEG-MAD route and increase it in the future.

    1. Anonymous08:43

      The only problem is that MAD is only two weekly and times don't match for their South American network. Hopefully that changes in the future.

    2. Unfortunately, yes. But 2 weekly as a start isn't that bad. The Sunday morning flight JU 570 flights leaves BEG at 06:00 arriving MAD 09:15, is quite good.
      Don't forget that UX has a quite, good domestic and regional coverage too meaning it's not only Latin America.

  6. Anonymous11:01

    More overpriced airlines joining hands on the slow march to the graveyard. In reality, if you want to fly to those places you'll get a direct flight from Budapest for a quarter of the price of some ridiculously expensive Air Sebria/Air Europa combination.

    1. Anonymous12:57

      When you add to that bus price, border, hotel, time lost, how much does it makes?

      Obviously, you're not working.

    2. Anonymous16:11

      hahah, you wrote border and I read bordel :-)

    3. Anonymous16:20

      I still cannot see BEG on the Air E
      uropa menu!!

    4. Anonymous16:29

      How come? I purchased a ticket to Madrid on their website from Belgrade via Zurich just last week. Mind you the same tickets were 400 euros cheaper than on the Air Serbia website!! And yes I know there is a nonstop MAD service coming up but the dates didn't suit me.


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