Air Serbia schedules Niš flights


Air Serbia has scheduled its twelve new routes from Niš, which will launch on July 15. The airline will initially introduce services from the south-east Serbian city to Nuremberg, Bologna, Tivat, Hanover, Gothenburg and Hahn in July, before launching operations to Budapest, Ljubljana, Salzburg, Rome, Baden Baden and Friedrichshafen in early August. All services will run twice per week with exception to Tivat, which will initially operate two times per week before increasing to three weekly at the start of August. Scheduling on destination launching in mid-July changes from early August for the most part. The airline's CEO, Duncan Naysmith, said, "Our aim is to enable the citizens of Niš to fly under the most favorable possible conditions to these twelve destinations on offer. The flights will be performed using an Airbus A319 aircraft in Air Serbia's livery. We will provide Serbian hospitality to our passengers at the best possible prices". Tickets will go on sale tomorrow.

RouteLaunch dateReturn fares (EUR)
NurembergJUL 1560
BolognaJUL 1652
TivatJUL 1648
HanoverJUL 1661
GothenburgJUL 1748
HahnJUL 1751
BudapestAUG 0161
LjubljanaAUG 0153
SalzburgAUG 0262
RomeAUG 0273
Baden BadenAUG 0355
FriedrichshafenAUG 0460
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  1. Anonymous11:17

    I can't believe they're serious in launching BUD.

    1. Anonymous11:31

      Why not? BUD makes more sense than LJU.

    2. Anonymous11:45

      With the railway cut between Belgrade and Budapest, maybe BEG-BUD would make more sense?

    3. Anonymous11:47

      Well the train was only temporarily suspended, it will be back in a year or two. The railway construction has reached Pazova I think.

    4. ichbinschomi12:14

      The railway line will be suspended for many more years than two, as the construction hasn’t yet started on the part from Novi Sad to Subotica, and the Hungarian side didn’t even sign the contracts yet. The trains are currently running from Novi Sad to Kelebia, and from Kelebia to Budapest and that will be the case for a few more months. BEG-BUD route makes more sense than ever now. Also, as the train ticket prices for the new HSR will be significantly higher than they are now, there is some room for potential airlines to be competitive.

    5. Anonymous12:27

      That route would have made a whole more sense as BEG-INI and BEG-BUD.

    6. Anonymous12:31

      Actually Hungary signed the upgrade contract about a week ago, it was awarded to Orban's best friend. ;)

      Also, of course they didn't start reconstruting from Novi Sad when they are still doing it to Novi Sad.

      Also I think most people take the (mini)bus rather than the train.

    7. ichbinschomi13:01

      Ah, of course, I didn’t even doubt it for a minute it will be something shady on their side as well. Nope - the northern (Serbian) part reconstruction should commence in a few months time, if everything goes as planned, which means simultaneously with the southern part. Senta line is currently being fixed for cargo transport and when that is done they can proceed to close the entire NS-SU line.

    8. Anonymous14:09

      About BUD...

    9. Anonymous15:46

      That's why Serbia is gonna finance the line to BUD to recompense them.

  2. Anonymous12:03

    Launching flights only 2 months in advance in peak season... Amateurism

    1. Anonymous12:32

      Well duh, that's when the PSO contract was signed and the conditions are clear...

    2. Anonymous12:46

      Well I was referring to our government officials who are the same charlatans who are running JU

    3. Anonymous18:37

      No problem. Two months in advance plus cheap fares for high season. They will be packed till mid September. In any case this is not a profitable operation.

    4. Anonymous20:31

      Haters are funny. If you cared enough to read the rules for the subsidy, you would notice they are only meant for routes without commercial (i.e. profitable) potential. That's why tender was selected for PSO routes and not designed to be profitable.

    5. @anon 20:31
      Whom are you replying?

  3. Anonymous12:10

    Will AirSerbia offer transfer through Nis? Perhaps BUD-Tivat would make sense, other routes probably not.

    1. I will use Nis to transfer but the BUD-INI is useless for connections as it departs at 22:30

  4. Anonymous12:22

    I was hoping that they would use this opportunity to schedule at least 1pw from BEG to some of these cities, which haven't been part of JU's network until now - such as SZG, BLQ... Given the obvious lack of interest from Niš for some of these flights, perhaps even (C) triangle flight, or INI-SZG-BEG-SZG-INI, or at the very least connecting options from BEG.

    1. Anonymous12:34

      The only way a BUD route would make sense would be with connections to Tivat.

      However, how does that make INI a better transfer point than Belgrade?

    2. Bologna would be very cool.

  5. Anonymous12:36

    For those questioning Ljubljana, I will just remind you that Slovenia is now giving subsidies for airlines that increase frequencies to LJU. It was reported here as well. So JU will probably get even more money for these flights.

    1. Anonymous14:31

      Serbia is not among countries for which airlines get subsidies for new routes.

  6. Anonymous12:39

    What are the prices?

    1. Anonymous12:54

      They are in the table. Quite good!

    2. Anonymous13:08

      This is a big day for Serbia.

      If you consider there is hand luggage included, prices are AMAZING.

    3. Of course hand luggage is included :)

  7. Anonymous12:55

    S obzirom da ce izgleda cena karata biti niska,mrzitelji AS mogu da krenu sa teorijom zavere da ce to poreski obveznici pacati iz svog dzepa... krenite.

    1. Anonymous13:12

      A da su vece bilo bi drvlje i kamenje na JU.
      Uvek kukanje

    2. Anonymous13:17

      Nekim ljudima se nikada ne moze ugoditi kada je AS u pitanju(iz ovog ili onog razoga). Ali za juznu Srbiju je ovo odlicna vest.

    3. Anonymous15:20

      Tačno, nama protivnicima uzaludnog razbacivanja parama poreskih obaveznika se ne može ugoditi sve dok se ne prestane sa razbacivanjem i korupcijom, a to će u Srbiji biti nikad.

    4. Anonymous16:19

      Samo sto nije uzaludno razbacivanje. Dijaspora ce jos cesce moci da dolazi i donosi pare, poneki turista i poslovni ljudi takodje, a ljudi na aerodromu i oko njega ce imati jos vise posla oko izdavanja automobila, prevoza od i do aerodroma i slicno. Putnici koji su isli na subvencionisane letove u SKP, OHD ili PRN ce sada dolaziti da potrose pare u INI, a letece domace posade. Ako je sve to uzaludno razbacivanje onda treba pogasiti i biblioteke, vatrogasne stanice, policiju, skolu, bolnice...

    5. Anonymous18:45

      Ah sada leteci autobus ispade jos biblioteka. :)

    6. Anonymous20:25

      ...jedino u glavama pateticnih hejtera

    7. Anonymous20:36

      Pateticni hejteri :)))

  8. The prices for return flights from Nis to new JU destinations will be starting from

    48 EUR (Göteborg and Tivat)
    51 EUR (Frankfurt Hahn)
    52 EUR (Bologna)
    53 EUR (Ljubljana)
    55 EUR (Karlsruhe)
    60 EUR (Fridriegshaven and Nürnberg)
    61 EUR (Hannover and Budapest)
    62 EUR (Salzburg)
    73 EUR (Rome, FCO)

    1. Anonymous13:10

      WOW <3

    2. Anonymous13:16

      They are all listed in the table...

    3. Anonymous13:21

      Last Anon, yes but they were added only a little while ago.

      So what destinations are added from neighbouring airports and at what price? It's great to see JU have such phenomenal fares out of INI. They are hitting hard at competition.

    4. Anonymous08:34

      Phenomenal fares? Come on, W6 would start at 20€ (return).

    5. Anonymous09:38

      You can't seriously believe any airline with 20 Eur. can cover their costs?

      If you include luggage than Wizz is way more than 20 Eur.

  9. Anonymous13:20

    I can't find anything on the website? Can somebody help?

  10. Anonymous14:08

    @Admin are you sure that's the FCO they are flying to? Maybe I got something wrong, but didn't they say the are going to fly to CIA?

    1. Anonymous14:10

      You got it wrong. They never said CIA. It is FCO.

    2. Anonymous14:13


  11. Anonymous14:10

    Prodaja karata pocinje sutra!

  12. Anonymous16:03

    It willbe interesting to see which aircraft AirSerbia will base in INI. ...willit be ATR-72, or A319, or maybe a leased CRJ-900

    1. Anonymous16:05

      The CEO of Air Serbia says in the article
      "The flights will be performed using an Airbus A319 aircraft in Air Serbia's livery. "

  13. Anonymous16:06

    It seems that on some days, example Tuesday, two A319 will be in service, because, according to schedule, there is overlaping

    1. Anonymous16:10

      There isn't overlaping. If you read the article it says that routes launching in July are all rescheduled from August.

    2. What is the point of rescheduling after two weeks?

  14. Anonymous18:53

    Ovaj avion koji bude stacioniran u Nisu mogu da iskoriste i za carter ture.Na dve rotacije dnevno moze sigurno da se organizuje bar 1 carter,ako ima potraznje.

    1. 11x2 + 3 - 25 rotacija. Ovaj avion ce stvarno da im bude zauzet. Mozda ce moci da obavlja nocne cartere.

  15. Anonymous01:43

    Богами цене су и више него повољне, све похвале!

  16. Anonymous03:26

    A letovi za Budimpestu kasno uvece da putnici ne bi mogli da se konektuju na Wizz :) iskusno...

  17. Anonymous20:08

    They already have sold out flights through august. Well done JU!

  18. From August

    0620 1356 NUE
    1125 1550 BLQ
    1610 1188 TIV
    1935 1192 LJU

    0650 1536 FCO
    1220 1392 HAJ
    1810 1608 SZG

    0605 1346 FKB
    1140 1336 HHN
    1730 1416 GOT

    0645 1376 FDH
    1150 1192 LJU
    1610 1550 BLQ
    2050 1626 BUD

    0450 1356 NUE
    0955 1188 TIV
    1320 1608 SZG
    1810 1536 FCO

    0545 1346 FKB
    1120 1392 HAJ
    1710 1416 GOT

    0650 1336 HHN
    1240 1188 TIV
    1605 1376 FDH
    2110 1626 BUD

    1. Anonymous12:41

      Thanks for a great overview. I still cannot believe that they put NUE @ 0450 though


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