Air Serbia takes delivery of latest A319


Air Serbia has taken delivery of its ninth Airbus A319 aircraft, with the jet currently en route from Shannon in Ireland to Belgrade. The aircraft, registered YU-APK, is sixteen years old and has received Air Serbia's corporate livery and interiors. It was previously operated by Royal Brunei Airlines and Cobalt Air, prior to being stored at Shannon for the past five months. The Serbian carrier will also wet-lease a Bombardier CRJ900 jet from Nordica between June and October and has recently wet-leased an A320 from Etihad Airways. Air Serbia's CEO, Duncan Naysmith, said recently, "The upcoming period is very important for us. The biggest growth of our destination network comes as a result of a great team effort, and I strongly believe we will be satisfied with the outcome".

Photo/Video courtesy of @PlaneSpottingTv


  1. Anonymous14:15

    Shame the A320 from Etihad will be so heavily utilised. Small sister of YU-ARA :D

  2. YU-APK


    First flight date 07/08/2003
    Seat configuration: CY144

    Cobalt 5B-DCV


    Royal Brunei Airlines V8-RBR

    Apparently they used to fly the aircraft from 2003 -> 2016 (13 years) and then it went to the now defunct Cobalt.

  3. Anonymous15:40

    Couldn't they find something younger?

    1. Anonymous15:42

      Yep they should've leased some of those brand new MAX planes.

    2. Anonymous15:52

      Who said anything about MAXes?
      I am asking if the couldn't leased an A320 series aircraft younger than 16 years old.

    3. Anonymous15:54

      If the plane is in good condition and if the price is right, why would they go for lets say 5y newer plane? I see no point in it, 10 or 15 years ...

    4. The leasing rates are favorable now for them

    5. Anonymous15:55

      Well perhaps they got the best deal this way. With a refurbished cabin it will make little difference. The plane is younger than any of Croatia Airlines' A319s for example.

    6. Anonymous16:00

      Beggars can't be choosers!

    7. Anonymous at 16:00
      True dat.

    8. Anonymous16:16

      16y is not old for an airplane, it's the right balance of cost and condition. They are not beggars, they are just smart with investing the right way. Why order 320NEO like some other airline when you don't need it, that would be waste of money. As for age, OU 9A-CTG is over 21 years old but you are not complaining, how come?

    9. Anonymous16:20

      What does OU have to do with anything?

    10. Anonymous16:22

      The best aircraft for ASL is definitely the A321LR or neo. They will always be competitive with this jet.

      (Move jet to BEG and you will see it can fly all the way to DEL, PEK, CMB and Canada!)

      Aviolet > E195

      ¡This is the REAL jet needed!

    11. Nemjee16:29

      Because that was the best they could get on the market without getting something extremely expensive. For airlines such as JU, brand new planes do more harm than good as they cost too much. Lease rate on this bird is probably low enough which will enable them to use it efficiently.
      At the end of the day, from a passenger's perspective, age doesn't make much difference. If you don't believe me, try flying on LH.

    12. Anonymous16:34

      Kako objasniti da 321lr ne moze da dobaci do Amerike iz BEG.

    13. Anonymous16:34

      Being a EY project, JU must have a younger fleet. The fleet was quite prestigious and young in 2013. Even YU-ARA was not even 10 years old.
      I think EY got a special discount because A319 are not popular in the market.

    14. Anonymous16:40

      They might be choosers: they are choosing to not waste money on oversized and expensive 320NEOs but to go with reasonable and used A319 and save money for the second A330.

    15. Nemjee16:46

      Exactly, they know very well the A319. It's efficient and reliable and can do the job very well. Once they stabilize their operations they can think of more exotic additions to their flock.

    16. Anonymous21:14

      YU-APK landing in Belgrade.

    17. Anonymous23:32

      Very nice video. ASL continuing to make history since 1927 and building bridges between the nations. Well done and kudos Air Serbia.

    18. Anonymous07:12

      Indeed, I am also happy they got the Nis flights. What I liked about that video is how full the airport was, you could see AF, two JU, WZ, W6...

    19. Anonymous16:44

      I think charter season started today, 733 went to Valencia, 319 to Antalya and 738 took back some French tourists on Enter Air.

  4. Anonymous18:23

    Is YU-ANI the oldest JU aircraft?
    I think YR-BGA and YU-ANI are the oldest derving Boeings in Europe....

    1. Anonymous20:31

      i najbolji od svih


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