Banja Luka maintains growth momentum


Banja Luka Airport has continued to see its passenger numbers grow in April by handling 12.460 travellers, representing an increase of 589.9%. The number of aircraft movements grew 106.7% to 279. During the January - April period, Banja Luka Airport welcomed 39.065 passengers through its doors, up 802.3%. Overall, it added 34.195 travellers on last year.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN8.838 634.7
FEB7.805 988.6
MAR9.962 770.8
APR12.460 589.9


  1. Nemjee11:33

    Fantastic growth, congratulations to JU, FR and BNX.

    This summer charter flights should help as well. Will be interesting to see what their autumn surprise will be.

  2. Anonymous14:24

    Well done! Fastest growth in the world!!!!

  3. Anonymous15:23

    Autumn suprise could be GOT or VIE(BTS)

    1. Anonymous15:43

      The way they spoke about it seems much bigger. Maybe an FR base?

  4. Anonymous15:51

    Very small terminal building

  5. Anonymous17:00

    Loadfactors must by awful, 12.460 passengers on 279 flights comes to just 44 pax per flight!
    Not just JU with the ATR but especially FR who uses 737-800s must be suffering.

    1. Anonymous17:03

      Well you are very wrong because of that number a total of 159 were "private" flights. There were only 108 commercial flights.

    2. Anonymous17:05

      That's 54 return flights. So in fact Ryanair has an excellent LF.

    3. Anonymous17:38

      108 commercial flights carrying 12.460 means that there were 112 passengers per flight. ASL is expected to have low loads so it is using the ATR.
      FR is doing better but I don't expect for these new routes to have 80% load factors. That is why subsidies and low airport charges are needed.

      Just my2cents

  6. Anonymous17:03

    34 flights of RYR and 21 flight ASL and LF awful?????

  7. Anonymous19:37

    10% of the BEG traffic for 1 month...simply amazing!

  8. LF is more than 90%. For some flights they could sell more tickets than for B787-800. I suggest to certain Anonymous to book a flight to or From BNX. But obviously, But unfortunately, Balkan minds still function like before

  9. Great news!

    this will be very interesting summer for BNX


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