Croatia Airlines scales back Lisbon service


Croatia Airlines will be cutting short its flights between Zagreb and Lisbon. The seasonal route, which has been operated between April and mid-January, will run until late October this year. The final service of the season is scheduled for October 26, whereas the last flight of the 2018/19 winter was run on January 14 this year. The route, which is being maintained four times per week, is codeshared by TAP Portugal. Croatia Airlines previously announced it would upgrade its seasonal flights between Zagreb and Dublin to year-round operations in 2019.


  1. Anonymous10:32

    This is shame.
    And we heard that OU is doing great on flights to LIS...

    1. Anonymous10:45

      Well it is doing great between the two states. It flies 4 times a week the whole summer season. Thereafetr flight are full but they make a loss. So this is a good buisness decision.

    2. Anonymous11:08

      Yes but goes to show that OU still can't find a way to get around seasonality. This is killing them.

    3. Anonymous12:35

      TAP should fly this sector with Embs in winter time

    4. I flew ZAG-LIS nonstop on TAP in A321, full up to the last seat, in summer, of course. Winter was A319/320 via Bologna, so not sure even TP could make it nonstop year-round

    5. Anonymous22:05

      I think they can make it in winter as long as they have faith in the Croatian market.

  2. If they only had an A220 or four.


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