Croatia's top airports register strong growth


Croatia's three busiest airports -  Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik - saw their passenger numbers increase in April. All three managed to record double digit growth.

Zagreb Airport handled 280.790 passengers during the month, representing an increase of 10.6%. The number of aircraft operations grew 11.6% to 3.776. During the January - April period, Zagreb Airport welcomed 886.119 travellers through its doors, up 5.6% on last year. So far in 2019, it added an extra 46.700 passengers compared to 2018.

MonthPAXChange (%)
FEB181.154 6.2
MAR232.978 4.2
APR280.790 10.6

Split Airport welcomed 156.381 passengers last month, representing an increase of 25.8% on last year. Overall, during the four months of the year, the airport handled a record 277.603 travellers, up 14.8%. The airport estimates its annual passenger growth will total between 5% and 10%.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN36.360 6.9
FEB34.825 13.7
MAR50.037 5.9
APR151.381 25.8

Dubrovnik Airport saw 210.803 passengers pass through its doors last month, an impressive improvement of 39%. During the January - April period, 328.771 travellers used Dubrovnik Airport's services, up 33.8%. The strong growth in April was generated in part due to the 16+1 CEEC - China summit, comprising of sixteen Central and Eastern European nations and China, which took place in Dubrovnik during the month. Overall, the airport added 83.072 travellers on last year.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN26.323 18.1
FEB33.765 40.3
MAR57.880 21.4
APR210.803 39.0


  1. Anonymous10:51


    1. Anonymous09:06

      No the Eastereffect was just negative in March.

  2. Anonymous11:04

    211 thousand pax in April in DBV? Wtf! That's grand! Quite possibly the second busiest airport in ex-Yu in April 2019!
    Absolutely crazy figures for DBV this year and AA still hasn't arrived....

    1. Anonymous11:11

      Highly doubt it was second busiest. Zagreb was busier and Belgrade most likely as well.

    2. Anonymous11:18

      Is it possible for DBV to ovecome SPU this year thanks to reduced seasonality?

    3. Anonymous12:43

      Could be, tourist arrivals are really high this winter in Dubrovnik. They are definitely the silent achiever.

    4. Anonymous14:29

      DBV should be ahead of SPU in the 1st half of 2019, than will SPU have 2 strong months with over 600K each.

    5. Anonymous16:26

      DBV will outperform in winter but let's see if it will be enough to get them ahead hmmm

    6. dubrovnik is doing a good job

  3. Anonymous11:12

    IMAO Zagreb is impressive this year! 5.6% increase YoY without adding new destinations.

    1. Anonymous11:14

      Well the new destinations are Seoul and Athens (Aegean). Both were added later in the year in 2018.

    2. Anonymous11:15

      Also many bureaucrats are flying to ZAG to prepare for the presidency. Great results overall, I am extremely impressed by management's efforts to make it a major regional player.

    3. What efforts? What major regional player?
      What are you on?

    4. Anonymous12:31

      Korean? Transat? Emirates? Growing passenger numbers? Brand new terminal?

    5. Emirates flies for two years now and is reducing the frequencies. Transat for three years. That brand new terminal was opened more than two years ago. And since Korean started in September, not a single new route was introduced.

      Really, everything what a major regional player should be.

    6. Anonymous12:44

      Frishki are you purposely being a hater? Why you ignore extra flight on Transat and Air Canada? Also Iberia stayed whole year and SU added more flights.

    7. Anonymous12:45

      There is no extra flight on Air Canada.

    8. I'm not being a hater (again, you just love using that term), I'm being realistic and not using the political terminology like ZAG achieved things that are unheard of. The fact is that ZAG is barely moving forward, when it should be "booming", as some Anonymous on this site love to describe it.

    9. Anonymous12:52

      Easy boys. Lets go back and refer to this extremely important article covered by admin>>>>

      Second paragraph >>>>>>>

      Mr Feron noted that transforming Zagreb into a hub is a long-term strategy, with Group Aerport de Paris' concession to run until 2042.

      long-term = it will take a bit of time but zagreb is on the right track.

    10. Anyone can use the term "long term" that defines nothing really. What is "long term"? 5 years? 10? 25?
      By that time all other regional airports will be way ahead of ZAG's "long term strategy".


    11. Anonymous12:59

      2042-2019 = 23 years

      If Zagreb manages to maintain the current growth it is likely to surpass 15 million in 20 years time. This is excluding any possibility of LCC base.

      2025 - 5 million
      2030 - 9 million
      2035 - 12 million
      2040 - 16 million

    12. Short term - do godine dana
      Medium term - 3 do 5 godina
      Long term - 5 do 10 godina

  4. Anonymous11:18

    Where is the growth coming form in ZAG?

    1. Anonymous11:32

      Croatian economy is booming, especially in Zagreb. Many business passengers are flying also there are much more tourists coming in. All those put together create this booming effect.

    2. OMG. Booming? Really?

      Could you curb your enthusiasm to a normal level, please?

  5. Anonymous11:29

    Zadar had a great growth too.

  6. Anonymous11:43

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  7. Great results! Dubrovnik is on fire! And ZAG is showing this year that the organic growth is perfectly possible without maniacal adding of new routes (usually heavily subsidized). When they are necessary, they will come for sure.
    Just waiting for the Banja Luka guy and the similar ones who seem to think that the Zagreb catchment area is from the Alps to Danube, lol!

    1. Anonymous16:27

      Such complexes that you feel the need to bring BNX into this, says more about you than anything else. I think Easter boosted April numbers this year. Where was this organic growth in January, February and March?

    2. Anonymous17:02

      Mihail, do not think that BNX is not going to grow.
      Ever since it began flights, the Zagreb figures declined from 2 digit to 1 digit growth.
      Ryan has now focused on BiH as a country and will see more and more committed.
      BNX catchment is indeed huge and almost 4 times bigger than its size.

    3. Anonymous17:05

      Also TZL and BNX have crushed OSI by suffocating it and pushing it into oblivion.

    4. And you also need to can down. Like ZAG figures declined because of BNX. Also, that Saint Ryanair is known for being a fickle airline and they can leave as quick as they arrived, so don't put them on the pedestal and build them a shrine just yet.
      Enjoy the growth, but keep other airports out of your mouth.

    5. Anonymous20:21

      'Enjoy the growth, but keep other airports out of your mouth.'

      Why didn't you say that to Michael who was the first to mention BNX? Complexes.

    6. And you came.

      Taking about complexes. That's rich.

    7. Anonymous20:41

      You still didn't answer my question. I guess you just proved me right.

    8. Proved that you are one of those that live to belittle ones and praise the others.
      And Michael wasn't wrong since whenever ZAG is mentioned, suddenly there that one wiseass linking it's slower figures to "booming BNX".

    9. Anonymous00:03

      You are distracting and changing the topic thus proving me right once again. You are two-faced and that's a fact since you ignored your fellow ZAG-worshipper to trash BNX with no apparent reason.

    10. Sure, buddy.
      Now, go back to trashing everything non-BNX and play the victim when someone calls you out for it.

      I'm done with you today.


  8. JU520 BEGLAX19:11

    Glad i could contribute to the 25% in Split in April. Spring time at the Jadran is fantastic. On my flt FRA-SPU there were about 50% fm the US, flt was pretty much full and also in Split i heard most North American slang plus saw many people/groups fm Asia.

    1. Jedino ako kasnis s radovima na rulnicama

  9. Anonymous09:00

    Kako god, ovo su odlične brojke za tako malu državu kao što je Hrvatska.
    Pogotovo rast Splita i Dubrovnika.


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