FlyBosnia launches first flight


FlyBosnia has commenced its first commercial service, with its Airbus A319 aircraft departing Sarajevo for Kuwait City this morning. Despite a three-hour delay, the aircraft will receive a special welcome in Kuwait. FlyBosnia will operate another service between the two on May 7, with regular operations to commence on June 4. The airline is also expected to take a second A319 in the coming days, with the jet currently awaiting its delivery flight at Phoenix Goodyear Airport.

FlyBosnia's second A319 at Goodyear Airport


  1. Anonymous11:01

    Wow, this is happening. They have deep pockets obviously

  2. Anonymous11:14

    For a moment I thought that was Natasa Bekvalac in the first photo.

  3. Kad drzava ne zna ima ko zna i moze. Cestitke kolegama u buducem radu i posebno im zelim high L/F. Zelim im da kao nositelji BH registracije i dijela naziva drzave budi prvi i pravi ambasadori svoje zemlje !

  4. Anonymous11:53

    Now flying over Asian Turkey:

  5. Anonymous13:26

    Congrats from Croatia!

  6. Anonymous16:04

    I just priced a sample itinerary in June. Nonstop on FlyBosnia for $625 vs. Turkish one-stop at $341. I wish them luck, but odds are not in their favor.

  7. Good luck FlyBosnia!


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