Memmingen expansion to shift Wizz flights


Wizz Air will temporarily move its operations from Memmingen to Friedrichshafen between September 17 and 30. This will affect flights from Belgrade, Niš, Ohrid, Podgorica, Pristina, Skopje and Tuzla. It comes on the back of the planned expansion of Memmigen Airport's runway, which will result in its closure. "Requirements imposed by the authorities, requiring extensive work during the daytime, led to this decision. Talks have already been held with the airlines concerned", Memmingen Airport said in a statement. Passengers booked on flights to and from Memmingen during this period will be arriving and departing at Friedrichshafen Airport instead.


  1. Anonymous15:09


  2. kraspeed17:51

    How come the expansion is taking place in September, which is still high season, and not in the slower winter months?

    1. Anonymous07:50

      There might be some requirements regarding the air and ground temperature for asphalt to cool down properly.


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