Montenegro and Israel consider more flights


The Montenegrin President, Milo Djukanović, has appealed for the introduction of nonstop flights between Podgorica and Israel. "The governments of Montenegro and Israel should pay special attention to introducing more flights between our two countries on a year-round or seasonal basis, as well as consider offering Israeli visitors regional tour packages", Mr Djukanović's office said. The President recently met with Israel's Minister for Tourism, Yariv Levin. "Accessibility has been identified as one of the key challenges in boosting tourist numbers from Israel", Mr Djukanović noted. Currently, Israir Airlines operates up to five weekly flights between Tel Aviv and Tivat during the summer months. These services have contributed to the 40% growth in Israeli visitors to Montenegro over the past two years.


  1. Anonymous19:33

    Israir already have flights to TIV, almost daily.

    1. Anonymous19:34

      Yes, read the article.


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