Montenegro wet-leases Carpatair jet


Montenegro Airlines has becomes the second carrier in the former Yugoslavia to wet-lease equipment from Romania's Carpatair. According to Romanian portal "Boardingpass", the Montenegrin airline is utilising a Fokker 100 jet, registered YR-FKB, which is 27 years old. It operated its first revenue flight on behalf of Montenegro Airlines this morning between Tivat and Belgrade. It will be used on the service again this evening before returning to Podgorica from which it will be deployed on the Vienna route. It will stay with the company until mid-June, replacing an F100 undergoing engine maintenance. Adria Airways is also currently utilising a Carpatair F100, registered YR-FZA, which is 27 years old. Montenegro Airlines is also wet-leasing a Blue Air Boeing 737-300 jet for the summer season.


  1. Anonymous10:42

    Carpatair - the go to airline for ex-yu wet-leases.

  2. Anonymous10:57

    What is wrong with 4O-AOP?

    1. Maybe is dead... AOM is used lately, can't remember is AOP used Last year

  3. Anonymous15:38

    Carpatair used to have a wonderful route network out of its hub in Timisoara, to otherwise difficult to get to places like Chisinau, Bacau, Constanta, Odessa, Chernivtsi, and other domestic Romanian destinations. Horribly expensive and inefficient mind you, for awhile they didn't operate flights on Sunday for Christ's sake!!

    1. Anonymous16:31

      Not so wonderful. They had debts to pay for TSR. Nicolae Petrov made a fiasco in the end.
      They had disputes with W6 and so on. Basically a mafia company. Glad they are gone for good.

  4. Anonymous19:27

    Great read... While waiting for same junk box to fly out of Brussels on behalf of Adria... Delayed of course...
    If only they were gone for good...

  5. Anonymous20:29

    Uzeli su najbolji avion iz flote ADRIA airways


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