Mostar eyes growth after papal approval


Mostar Airport has continued to see its passenger numbers decline in April with the airport handling 1.291 passengers, down 17.1% on last year. The airport's figures are expected to pick up in May with Eurowings resuming seasonal flights from both Dusseldorf and Stuttgart with larger capacity aircraft. Overall, during the January - April period, Mostar Airport welcomed 2.037 travellers through its doors, representing a decrease of 6.4%. The airport hopes its passenger numbers will grow after Pope Francis approved pilgrimages to Medjugorje near Mostar last week. A statement by spokesman Alessandro Gisotti, said, however, that the official approval should not be interpreted as Church authentication of alleged visions of the Virgin Mary at the site, because more investigation and study was needed.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN163 infinity
FEB294 71.9
MAR289 35.5
APR1.291 17.1


  1. Anonymous14:04

    Bravo Virgin Mary!

    1. Anonymous14:33

      Hahahaha great, simply great!

  2. Anonymous14:34

    Why infinity growth in January?

    1. Anonymous14:40

      Because they had 0 passengers in January 2018.

  3. Anonymous17:25

    When i see the Ryanair plane landing the pope will declare Mostar Airport a miracle !
    Hallelujah !

  4. Anonymous18:59

    Amazing what prayer can achieve!

  5. Anonymous22:54

    Leave religion out of this forum. Has no place in aviation whatsoever. The pope should worry first and foremost about all the paedophile priests within the church...


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